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S Durga

S Durga

23 Mar, 2018
1 hrs 29 mins
455 votes
5 143
4 73
3 48
2 18
1 163
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Durga, a north Indian migrant and a Keralite youth named Kabeer are running away on a midnight. They are waiting for transport to the nearest railway station to catch a train to a distant place. Two small time gangsters, transporting arms, offer assistance to the couple. The hapless "Durga" encounters a cross section of the society through the rest of the night. Parallel to the journey of Durga another mysterious event intercuts in the film. In a Kerala village, devotees perform 'Garudan Thookkam', a ritual art form submitted as a reward for the problems solved in the abode of Goddess Kali, who represents Goddess Durga's personified wrath & embodied fury.
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Verdict: This dark, realistic, and raw movie is a sure-shot winner. S Durga, initially titled `Sexy Durga`, is an experimental attempt by Sanal Kumar Sasidharan. The highlight of the movie is that it has no screenplay and everything you watch on screen is spontaneous. Produced by Aruna Mathew and Shaji Mathew under the banner, Niv Art Movies, S Durga ... ...Read full review
This is not an easy film to watch, filled with fear and dread: I literally held my breath for the 1.5 hours of its duration. It turns us the viewers into helpless voyeurs, horrified participants, and furious citizens, all at once. ...Read full review
In terms of conventional storyline, this is all there is to S Durga: a man and woman on a lonely road in Kerala get a lift from two menacing creeps. Yet, in expanding that one sentence into a big-screen feature, Sanal Kumar Sasidharan serves up a universe of meaning that tears the mask off the dual-purpose woman-as-goddess trope that patriarchy holds out to women as a carrot and, simultaneously, stick. ...Read full review
Its the middle of the night. A Hindi-speaking woman, clutching a bag, waits for a man. She looks at her phone, her face anxious. The man arrives on a bike. The driver, a friend, tells him, Dont waste time. Please leave. He drives away, and the man and woman begin to flag down vehicles for a lift. Couldnt the friend have hung around for a while and helped? Did no one in their circle own a car, or couldnt they have rented one? And what about these two? Are they lovers, eloping? Are they friends? Is he helping her flee from, say, an abusive relationship? What are the circumstances that prevented them from leaving earlier, in daylight? If they are headed to the railway station, why dont they seem to know the train timings? Was taking a bus not an option? At what point will we get some background that sets up what S Durga is about? ...Read full review
Shakespeare said, A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, and he is right. What is in a name really? Sexy Durga, or just S Durga, the film directed by Sanal Kumar Sasindharan is a trippy bit of art at work. Its about a couple a Hindu girl and a Muslim boy who elope and what happens to them in the next few hours. ...Read full review