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1920 London
When the evil strikes a happy couple`s life.

1920 London

06 May, 2016
2 hrs 02 mins
6,652 votes
5 1358
4 890
3 1691
2 1122
1 1583
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1920 London is a horror film that revolves around Shivangi and her husband, Veer Singh. They have everything going well for them in London, until Veer receives a gift from Rajasthan, India. Strange things begin to happen with him and Shivangi becomes increasingly worried as his physical, spiritual and mental condition spirals out of control.

Convinced it is black magic, Shivangi decides to seek help of a spiritual healer and guru Jai. How Jai exorcises to help the possessed man and protect his wife from evil who in turn discovers many shocking truths along the way, forms the rest of the story.
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Verdict: Not spooky enough to scare, but offers a lot more than just horror. After the considerable success of 1920 and 1920:The Evil Returns, Vikram Bhatt adds yet another movie to his list in the horror genre. For those of you who haven`t seen the first two, let me tell you, this one, in no manner, is connected []... ...Read full review
On the whole, 1920 LONDON is an engrossing fare with the right amount of eerie and scary moments. It has its ample share of terrifying moments that one expects from a film about supernatural forces. It has the potential to appeal to all sections of audiences at the box-office. ...Read full review
There isn`t an inkling of innovative thinking in the third installment of the 1920 series. The best thing that can be said about it is that it will remain one of the year`s funniest films. Blood talk, daayans and jaadu tona are all in vogue this season (ahem!) but in the horror genre, these things are so passe. One look at the daayan and the first thing that will pop in your head is `For Devil`s Sake, someone get the poor woman a stylist`. With her sense of make-up, anyone would be looked down upon by their peers. No wonder she rages, roars and rumbles to find herself a soul. ...Read full review
Hats off for at least the ambition and there are plenty of those to doff, this being early England and all. Few films, fewer still with the limited scale of a Vikram Bhatt horror, swing as frequently between 1920 London and 1920 somewhere in Mewar, Rajasthan on streamers no less. An infinitesimal number, hopefully, do so chasing an aatma that resides in a locket. ...Read full review