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2 Countries

2 Countries

29 Dec, 2017
2 hrs 39 mins
2,644 votes
5 908
4 307
3 405
2 296
1 718
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Ullas, who is in his late 30's, is a cunning procrastinator. He makes a living by conning people and never blinks an eye to cheat. All goes well for Ullas until one day when he decides to marry an Indian woman, who is settled in Canada and his life turns upside down.
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Verdict: A decent remake of the original. Jai Bolo Telangana was the last movie that Shankar N produced and directed 6 years ago, back in 2011. Now, he is back with 2 Countries, starring Sunil and Manisha Raj in the lead roles. Produced and directed by Shankar N, 2 Countries is the remake of a super-hit Malayalam []... ...Read full review
`2 Countries` is a remake of the 2015 Malayalam film of the same name starring Dileep and Mamata Mohandas. The film charts the journey of Ullas (Sunil) and his shenanigans that always get not just him and his own family, but even his best friend Bose (Srinivas Reddy) into trouble. For Ullas, money is everything and he will go to any low to gain some. ...Read full review
Ullaas(Sunil) is a cunning guy who can go to any extent for money. One fine day, he cheats a priest and redirects an NRI match which is supposed to go to a known person in his village. He manages everything and finally ties the knot with Laya(Manisha Raj). The twist in the tale arises when Ullaas comes to know that the NRI girl he married is a complete alcoholic. Rest of the story is as to how Sunil manages to get his problematic wife back on track. ...Read full review
Ullas (Sunil) has a deep desire to earn money without doing hard work. He thinks of marrying a rich girl is easiest way to earn money. His first choice was physically disabled sister of a patel (Sayaji Shinde) who belongs to same village Venkatapuram. ...Read full review
Ullas (Sunil) is a worthless, unemployed resident of the Venkatapuram village. He is an embarrassment to his family (Chandramohan as the father, Krishna Bhagawan as the brother, among others) and his all-weather friend is played by Srinivas Reddy. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Ullas picks up a fight with a politician who shares his name. ...Read full review