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29 Nov, 2018
2 hrs 28 mins
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A grave threat to humanity looms large in the form of a mysterious birdman, who will destroy anything that stands in the way of his war against technology. It is now up to Dr. Vaseegaran to revive his most ingenious creation - the humanoid Chitti - to stop the nightmarish rampage of the birdman.
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Verdict:2.0 is the perfect sequel to an extraordinary movie. 2018`s most awaited movie 2.0 starring Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar and Amy Jackson in the lead has hit the screens. As a sequel to the perfect and out-of-this-world Enthiran, 2.0 is undoubtedly one of the most awaited films this year. The film also features Adil Hussain, Sudhanshu Pandey, and Kalabhavan Shajon along with many others. The... ...Read full review
It is only with the entry of 2.0 (Rajini, again), which happens a little late than it should have, that the film gets some much-needed energy. As he did in the first film, Rajinikanth digs into this role with his inimitable style and performs with relish. There is even a self-referential punchline that he utters after Nila tells him that he is no longer the No 1, that sends fans into a tizzy. Akshay Kumar is also a solid presence as the antagonist whose heart is in the right place. ...Read full review
Shankar`s story is pedestrian; but VFX, Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar carry the day. ...Read full review
Rajinikanth, the superstar once again proves why he is the ultimate crowd puller of Indian cinema. His screen presence is amazing and the energy with which he has portrayed the characters is unmatchable. Watch out for his portrayal of 2.0, which is sure to offer a big treat to the fans. Akshay Kumar gets to play a very meaty role, which has been well-etched. He comes up with a scintillating performance as the bird man as well as the old man. ...Read full review
In a nutshell, 2.0 is an enjoyable outing with several mass moments. However, it falls short of being a sci-fi film that has a strong story. ...Read full review
So, is the most expensive Indian film ever mounted worth all the money that has been sunk into it? It looks and sounds great for most parts. It whizzes by thanks to the breathless action and the dazzling VFX. 2.0, however, would have been a greater film had the screenplay dared to go beyond the known tricks of the genre. ...Read full review
The movie 2.0 is basically a mass entertainer with a message of ecological conservation. Rajinikanth`s stardom, director Shankar, VFX supervisor Srinivas Mohan, sound specialist Resul Pookutty and cinematographer Nirav Shah should be given the credit for this experience. Though 3D is not equivalent to that of Hollywood, the effort is applaudable. Watching in 3D will give you best experience. ...Read full review
Despite that tedious climax, 2.0 is a blast. It could have been a smarter film, but it is a mostly fun Rajinikanth ride, with solid 3D and great Atmos sound. ...Read full review
2.0 is dull as ditchwater in the first half, perking up a little in the second, with a half-way watchable Akshay, and a Rajini coming into his own right towards the end, for a bit. There are some oh-wow moments, but on the whole, the film is not worth all the sound and fury. ...Read full review
Sure 2.0 is mostly humorless and doesnt have the lightness of touch that it couldve done with. But the action, the VFX, and the sheer spectacle on display allow me to forgive many of its faults. Shortcomings notwithstanding, it is the victory of vision. Shankar has shown us that slick special effects blockbusters are very much within our grasp. ...Read full review