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3 Storeys

3 Storeys

09 Mar, 2018
1 hrs 40 mins
5,743 votes
5 1770
4 1571
3 1270
2 482
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"3 Storeys", set in a chawl, explores intertwined lives where secrets are revealed and life in this small community is not as it seems.
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Verdict: A lovely experimental film showcasing the art of storytelling. ``There are three sides to every story: your side, my side, and the truth. And no one is lying. Memories shared serve each differently.`` - Robert Evans. This may have been the inspiration for Arjun Mukherjee 3 Storeys in which he has cast some of []... ...Read full review
The film weaves together three stories set in a Mumbai chawl. While the first narrative involves a businessman looking for accommodation in Mumbai who eventually zeroes in on a house thats overpriced, the second one revolves around a wife dealing with an abusive and alcoholic husband.The third story narrates the tale of forbidden love - where a Hindu girl and a Muslim boy fall for each other. ...Read full review
3 Storeys is an orgy of storytelling. It`s about racing from one emotional high to another, and getting drunk on a series of blazing O Henry finishes. The movie is also sporadically nave - forgoing character development, causality, and moral sobriety in favour of shocking ironies - but its naivet magically becomes a part of its style. ...Read full review
3 Storeys is not your usual Bollywood thriller. This is no songs and dance drama. The background score isn`t loud either. This is an experience meant strictly for those who have a thing for realistically fictional stories. If you are one of those, 3 Storeys is a film you will savour. ...Read full review
With predictable moments scattered all over the film, debutant director Arjun Mukherjee still takes a brave attempt of making an unconventional thriller. Although the twisted plot is easy to catch in bits and pieces, it is intriguing at the same time. ...Read full review
`Behind every mask there is a face, and behind that a story`- these words by Marty Rubin perfectly sums up what debutante director Arjun Mukherjee`s `3 Storeys` has in store for us. When quizzed about the genre at the film`s trailer launch, I recollect the director smartly quipping, `Onion genre`. Well, the man does stay true to his words. The sub-plots in his film peel layers one after the other keeping your fascination with the tale intact. ...Read full review
Life, in all its sorrows and joy, big scales and small notes, stretches where nothing happens, and flurries where everything happens all at once, is nothing short of full-on drama, and this is what ensemble pieces like 3 Storeys draw upon. ...Read full review
3 Storeys serves up its best right at the start. The motivations of the eccentric Mrs Mendonca and the youthful Vilas, who looks too well turned out to fit into that grubby society, are intriguing and hold attention till the final frame. ...Read full review
That one never really knows ones neighbors no matter how long one has been living next door to them is my big takeaway from 3 Storeys. The film unfolds in and around a busy Mumbai chawl whose residents live cheek-to-jowl in matchbox-sized flats, and we get three separate stories involving the lives and secrets of some of them. ...Read full review