31st October
A Sikh family is trapped in a riot-affected part of Delhi.

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31st October

21 Oct, 2016
1 hrs 42 mins
2,325 votes
5 1567
4 271
3 237
2 110
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On 31st October 1984, the Prime Minister of India gets assassinated by her Sikh Security Guards. Politicians use this incident to spark public hatred towards the Sikhs, labelling them as traitors. Devender Singh and his family are stuck in their house as their city plummets.

In 24 hours of uncertain oscillations, helplessness and with their relatives dying, and neighbours turning hostile, Devender`s family seeks help from their Hindu friends who live across town. As Pal, Tilak and Yogesh travel to save Devender`s family, they come face-to-face with the destruction of humanity. They witness the carnage and the moral corruption that makes men turn into savages.

In their attempt in ferrying Devender's family to safety, Pal, Tilak and Yogesh must face their own demons first.
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Verdict: A massacre that shook the nation, a film that missed the point. Why should a community suffer for the wrongdoings of a few people? Also, is it logical to take matters into our own hands and try to `sort things out` by using violence? These are the questions that many raised when the Sikh []... ...Read full review
Such is the atmosphere on the streets - the film banks upon what look like two-wheelers on fire to convey fear and foreboding - that even when the sloshed man lights a beedi, the act invokes a sense of menace. But such moments are few and far between. Its theme is of pressing relevance. Yet, 31st October doesn`t leave a lasting impression. It isn`t half the film it could, and should, have been. ...Read full review
To its credit, the movie is only 102 minutes long, and you can see a sense of honesty in it. But the final product is underwhelming and looks like a small-scale remake of the Hollywood film franchise, The Purge (innocent people running scared on the streets, dodging murderous mobs). ...Read full review
It starts as just another day for Delhi Electric Supply Undertaking (DESU) worker Devinder Singh. By 7:30am, he has already sent his children to school and is mentally preparing himself for the usual mundane day in office. But, all of that is going to change in next 110 minutes. ...Read full review

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