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7 Hours To Go
The film revolves around a hostage crisis and what happens within seven hours after that incident.

7 Hours To Go

24 Jun, 2016
1 hrs 54 mins
255 votes
5 81
4 42
3 45
2 23
1 56
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The film is a fast paced investigative thriller set in present day Mumbai.
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Verdict: The audience is held hostage in this crime drama. 7 Hours To Go could have been a fantastic thriller, but too many loopholes, a terrible soundtrack, and shoddy direction is what brings it down. After his loved one is shot down, Arjun (Shiv Pandit), takes a few people hostage at the High Court in []... ...Read full review
Investigative thrillers are quite intriguing to watch if made tactfully. 7 Hours To Go is a good attempt from director Saurabh Varma, however, it is let down by its shoddy narrative. 7 Hours To Go revolves around the story of a man who holds 7 people as hostages after his girlfriend is murdered for an unknown reason. ...Read full review
Saurabh Varma`s inept film can be best summed in Varun Badola`s dialogue that translates to - "Make such an outrageous plan that even in 50 years, no one can believe that we pulled off something like this." Well, that rings true for the movie as well. 7 Hours To Go is mind numbing. What was touted to be taut thriller, ends up as a damp squib. It probably had a promising idea on paper but loses the grit in transition. ...Read full review
The genre of thrillers hasnt yet been exploited to its full potential in the Hindi film industry. So when something promising comes along, it makes one look forward to it. Director Saurabh Varma made an impressive debut with Mickey Virus, so one was keen to watch his next offering. 7 Hours To Go is about Arjun Ranavat (Shiv) who takes seven people as hostages inside the Bombay High Court. His every action keeps baffling the police team, led by Shukla ji (Sandeepa) and ACP Dhadke (Varun). The cops have just 7 hours to meet his demands. As time ticks by, new motives and conspiracies come to the fore. The twists and turns lead to a startling revelation in the last minutes of the film. ...Read full review