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Aa Karaala Ratri

Aa Karaala Ratri

13 Jul, 2018
1 hrs 45 mins
1,614 votes
5 921
4 350
3 123
2 44
1 162
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In an interior village in Karnataka, a fortune teller visits a poverty-stricken family and tells them that their fortune is going to change overnight when a mysterious traveller visits there home to stay overnight. What happens in that one night?
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A family residing in Chikmagalur suffers from absolute poverty, thus making them work really hard to sustain their family life. Muthanna is a simple man who does nothing but spend the money he earns on saarayi (a local drink). His wife Gowramma is a kindhearted woman, who is known for her nursing skills. Their daughter Mallika is an outrageous, fearless women, who is frustrated as her desire for lust is being wasted. The trio live peacefully, until one day, when a soothsayer visits them and tells them their fortune would change overnight. ...Read full review
The movie stars Karthik Jayaram, Anupama Gowda, Rangayana Raghu, Veena Sundar and a host of other prominent actors playing small yet important roles. For everyone that complains about the usual masala in movies, this is definitely a different genre and a brilliant one at that. If youve always thought movies come with a certain template or formula, this will definitely break that and give you a new perspective, and its very refreshing to see an engaging plot and interesting screenplay. ...Read full review
This is the best from Dayal Padmanabhan. A shrewd film maker with sensitivities Dayal Padmanabhan has offered an exhilarating experience. This 105 minutes cinema with just one cut to a dialogue Dayal Padmanabhan has ensured that the film is captivating, circumspect and chilling. This kind of film making is a good study material for the students of cinema you have everything required in pre-post production of a compact film. ...Read full review
A play by Mohan Habbu is very well adapted into the movie. Muthanna stays with his wife & a teenage daughter and the family suffers poverty. The said condition is due to Muthanna`s addiction to alcohol as he spends his earnings in quenching his addiction. Muthanna`s wife, Gowramma is a kind-hearted woman who is a do-gooder while their daughter, Mallika is a vibrant and a dynamic young girl who is fearless. ...Read full review
It may not be an exaggeration to say Aa Karaala Ratri may remain as one of the best films from Dayal Padmanabhan who has been waiting for a break after his recent failures. By handling the megaphone with aplomb, Dayal has proved his mettle with this film . ...Read full review
This kind of film is what liked at the international level. The level of Dayal Padmanabhan has catapulted to a great height from this Aa Karaala Rathri mainly because has used the media very effectively to give an engrossing 105 minutes cinema. ...Read full review
Aa Karala Ratri stands on the sound foundation of Mohan Habbus play, from which it is adapted. It is a story that leaves you stunned the way it ends. The director has built a narrative that gains momentum gradually but convincingly. Some utterly convincing performances and a clinical perfection in technical execution takes it to the list of one of the best films of the year. ...Read full review