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Adam Joan

Adam Joan

01 Sep, 2017
2 hrs 40 mins
13,699 votes
5 4177
4 3766
3 2737
2 938
1 2063
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The story revolves around the life of a planter, Adam Joan Pothan from the village Mundakkayam. One day, he unexpectedly meets a girl named Emy and they go to Scotland together. The new people he meets on his journey changes his life.
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Adam Joan is a nicely crafted thriller, which will keep the audiences glued to their seats. The film has some minor drawbacks but they don`t affect the overall flow of the movie. The movie is definitely a different experience for the Malayalam film audiences. Go for it! ...Read full review
Actor Prithviraj seems to be on a quest for thrillers this year, and Adam Joan is his second such film this year after Ezra. Its debutant director Jinu Abraham has tried to infuse suspense and thrilling elements to keep the audience on the edge of their seats with the haunting background scores. ...Read full review
In essence, Adam Joan is a vintage suspense movie, which marks a powerful return of Bhavana and Nara after a break. ...Read full review
The cinematography is that part of Adam Joan which makes it special. The spectacular beauty of Scotland, the enchanting misty mountains of Kerala and the darkness of the unknown castles have been successfully captured onto the silver screen by Jithu Damodar. The music and background score of Adam plays a vital role in making it a thriller. Deepak Dev has made a very stylish score and mixed it with some heart warming melodies. ...Read full review
Adam Joan starring Prithviraj, Bhavna and Narein is one good looking movie. Shot mostly in Scotland, the film uses black and grey dominantly, to the point that we are dying to see some colours on screen. Nevertheless, Jithu Damodars cinematography looks beautiful on screen. However, it is unfortunate that the story isnt strong enough to match the visuals on screen. ...Read full review
If you are looking for a thriller, Adam Joan might not satisfy you fully. But as an emotional story it has segments that would please you. Effort is there, but the result isnt completely satisfying. ...Read full review
If you are looking for some light-hearted entertainment after the drudgery of school exams or a hard days work, Adam Joan may not work for you. The movie deals with a serious subject and the mood of the film is dark and somber. Black seems to be the favourite tone throughout the movie be it the frames, the clothes or the theme it deals with black magic. The director has attempted to tackle the very gutsy and original subject of Satan worship but set the frames in far away Scotland, perhaps because the churches, graveyards and landscape provide ample support as props for the story to unfold. ...Read full review
Gothic style is much evident as graveyards, church and eerie houses make their appearances. Add to it church choir music and religious motifs and we have a dark thriller on our hands. Jithu Damodhar`s frames capture the greys well. The camera lens pans the landscape enticingly. So is the music with its choral tones. Jinu Abraham has helmed the movie well. His directorial has come out well. The movie though lacks a solid story and a well paced progression of plot. Catch the movie for Prithviraj`s stylish avatar and if in mood for a Gothic style thriller with lots of greys. ...Read full review
The plot starts off somewhere in the greenish landscapes of Scotland, the director gave us no clue with the happenings in the prologue other than a bloody hands searching for something inside a lonely jeep parked by the side of a highway, But the mood was very much clear, Adams journey was filled with much bloodsheds and quests. The story then suddenly shifted to some wealthy streets of Scotland and to an Old church from there to Unni (Rahul Madhav), his wife Swetha (Bhavana), ...Read full review