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Alone (Kannada)

27 Nov, 2015
1 hrs 59 mins
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The film opens with the heroine who is disturbed by her near past, heading out for a vacation to Mangalore.
There, she spots John played by Vasistha riding a horse along the shores. The female lead is awestruck by the charm and dynamism of John and captures a few pictures of him on the beach' riding the horse. She can't resist her attraction to John and starts being inquisitive about him and ends up meeting him.
As time goes by they gradually become friends and eventually fall in love. They both decide to confess their love to each other and to do that they plan to meet up at at a scheduled place and time.
As she goes to meet him, she bumps into an old couple who stay next to her vacation home, the old couple seeing the photo of John, reveal that he has been dead for many year and suggest that she verify with the police and their records.
She still goes to meet him and to her surprise finds John waiting and she reveals to him the story told by the old couple.
A female police officer played by famous Tamil actress Simran enters the scene and start solving the chaos and confusions in the lives of the lead characters.
It's a tri-lingual film made in Kannada, Tamil, and Telugu with the same lead characters.
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