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Leaders are born from survival


24 Aug, 2018
1 hrs 38 mins
13,007 votes
5 5442
4 3820
3 2246
2 705
1 778
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An epic adventure set in the last Ice Age, Alpha tells a fascinating, visually stunning story that shines a light on the origins of man's best friend. While on his first hunt with his tribe's most elite group, a young man is injured and must learn to survive alone in the wilderness. Reluctantly taming a lone wolf abandoned by its pack, the pair learns to rely on each other and become unlikely allies, enduring countless dangers and overwhelming odds in order to find their way home before winter arrives.
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Even though the plot is hardly innovative, theres enough spectacular cinematography and technical wizardry on display for discerning viewers to be significantly engaged by Alpha. But this gritty and heart-warming fictional backstory to one of the most unique relationships we share with our furry friends makes it essential viewing for every dog-lover. ...Read full review
The Ice Age was an unforgiving time, according to Morgan Freemans granite-hewn opening voiceover in Alpha, a survival drama set 20,000 years ago. But its not as unforgiving as all that. Primitive tribesmen throughout put up with a hideous quantity of digital sunrises, casting their kitschy roseate glow over dubious-looking tundra, and it hardly looks like theres a real mountain in sight. This isnt the Ice Age that your unkempt ancestors would have etched about in cave paintings, but some kind of iPad edition. ...Read full review
For those who think the story is too macho, Alpha has cute twist in its furry tail. It is a bit silly, but is likable hokum. I enjoyed the emotional scene when Keda carries the wounded Alpha in his arms at a crucial juncture. Comfort food, yes, but more edible than many another burnt offering. ...Read full review
Part wilderness survival tale, part prehistoric boy-meets-wolf love story and part American Museum of Natural History exhibit come to life, Albert Hughes rugged, rich epic feels just as out-of-time as its narrative of primitive hunters and their Canis lupus pals. Its a movie devoted to overwhelming viewers with vast, lush vistas of craggy cliffs, lightning-split skylines, endless snowy tundras, impossibly green forests and eye-popping auroras. ...Read full review