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American Made

American Made

29 Sep, 2017
1 hrs 56 mins
8,862 votes
5 3063
4 3241
3 1645
2 444
1 451
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A biographical crime drama based on the life of Adler Berriman Seal, a commercial airline pilot who becomes the focal point of a covert CIA operation and soon finds himself dangerously juggling roles an informant, drug smuggler and gunrunner.
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Verdict: Tom Cruise proves that he is the gringo who always delivers. ``It is not illegal if the good guys do it.`` You will have to agree that there is a certain appeal to antiheroes that us normal viewers cannot seem to resist. Characters like Walter White and Pablo Escobar are proofs that in the []... ...Read full review
Director Doug Liman`s tragicomedy takes a unique and playful look at Seal`s dangerous but fascinating under the table dealings with the CIA and drug cartels in the 70s and 80s. How he led a double life and smoothly juggled the various nefarious activities forms the story. ...Read full review
The superstar is at his charismatic best in this breezy biopic on daredevil American adventurer Barry Seal, a TWA pilot-turned-gunrunner and money launderer. ...Read full review
Tom Cruise is well and truly the last Hollywood star. Its hard to think of any other heroes left in Hollywood for whom youd genuinely go to the multiplex to watch a movie. And despite the mild craziness he seems to display off screen hes the most consistent star out there, with very few bad films in his 25-year resume. ...Read full review
Do a Google Image search for the pilot, drug smuggler and CIA gun-runner Barry Seal, and youll see a portly bruiser of a man, with sandy receding hair and a bulldogs face. A Rod Steiger or James Belushi type, who looks like a lifelong friend of hotdogs with extra mustard. ...Read full review
Youd need a heart of stone not to indulge Tom Cruises midlife return to Top Gun antics in this flashy, entertaining crime thriller by director Doug Liman, featuring Tom with blindingly toothy grin and sunglasses whizzing around in his light aircraft with US Customs agents riding his tail (to quote Roger Avary). ...Read full review
Meet Barry Seal (Tom Cruise), a TWA pilot and family man who became a drug smuggler for the Medelln cartel, led by Pablo Escobar (Mauricio Meja). The Louisiana-born Seal ran narcotics, guns and money between Central America and an airport in Mena, Arkansas in the late Seventies and early Eighties then the CIA recruited him as an informant so he could keep doing it and bring them back key intel in the War on Drugs. It`s lucrative work if playing both sides against the middle doesn`t get you killed. ...Read full review
Its been a while since Tom Cruise made a really good movie, but the dry spell may have ended with his latest, the entertaining romp that is American Made. ...Read full review
Perhaps a scandal as bizarre as Iran Contra deserves characters as bizarre as pilot Barry Seal, or as he has been imagined by American Made. ...Read full review