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14 Dec, 2018
2 hrs 23 mins
194,835 votes
5 130386
4 46784
3 11883
2 2438
1 3328
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Immediately following the events of Justice League, Arthur Curry, the reluctant heir to the underwater kingdom of Atlantis, tries to balance the world of the surface dwellers and his own people. But where does his loyalty lie? In the water or on the land? While Aquaman finds himself at crossroads with these questions, closer to home a known foe tries to dethrone him.
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Verdict: Ride DCs tidal wave of epic CGI with humorous ripples. After making a cameo in two other DC films - Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League - the rightful King of Atlantis finally gets his own full-length feature. Bringing to life James Wans vision, the towering mountain-man Jason Momoa returns to play Aquaman. With more than enough hype around the film, fans have been... ...Read full review
First thing first; if you are thinking Aquaman is going to be a one man show then you should just hold your thoughts right there because the ladies in the life of this underwater superman almost equally stand a chance of blowing some minds with their commanding performance in the film. Unlike many Marvel superhero films, they are more than just a thing flaunting their curves and body over battle in the movie. Kudos to James Wan, thats how you portray women in 2018! ...Read full review
When is aqua, aah-qua? Maybe when you have a mouthful of water. True or not, this minor DC characters solo big-screen outing is remarkable for those two things: that strange pronunciation, and a whole lot of water. Plus, a bizarre storyline that skips the most fun part of a superhero origin film his or her discovery of his powers. ...Read full review
The word `adequate` is probably the word that describes Aquaman best. The film checks all the boxes, builds the character, sets up a sequel and all the other yadas. The trippy soundtrack and visuals make it a big screen watch, but mainly for fans of the genre. ...Read full review
Director James Wan, along with stars Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, Nicole Kidman, save the DCEU from drowning. Its the series best since Wonder Woman. ...Read full review
Who knew it would take a badass `Fishman` to save DCEU from its mediocrity. ...Read full review
Aquaman wouldn`t work as well if it weren`t for its hero, and while there may be other fish in the sea, (read actors), there seems to be no one better equipped to play the King of the Seven Seas than Jason Momoa. He dominates the screen with his presence and puts his own stamp on a character who has been the butt of jokes in the comic book world, to make him unquestionably cool again. That, combined with the insane action, make for convincing reasons to watch Aquaman. Go on, dive in. ...Read full review