Baghtos Kay Mujra Kar

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Baghtos Kay Mujra Kar

03 Feb, 2017
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Settled at the foothills of a fort is a quaint village 'kharbujewaadi'. The village has a rich history. This village has produced a number of 'Mavlas' who served Shivaji Maharaj with great valour. The courage, grit and sacrifice that this village had to offer, played a major role in King Shivaji's fight for 'Hindavi Swarajya' But... those were the days.. Today, Kharbujewadi is developed, it has all the facilities a modern town boasts of. Their eternal loyalty to the great maratha king Shivaji forever on exhibit the village is strewn with shops named : Shivaji Vada Pav Centre, Jijamatata Saree Corner, Sambhaji Pan Shop, Tanaji Medicals etc. unfortunately their love for their beloved king is limited to the signboards, slogans on the cars and saffron coloured tilak on the foreheads. the most important symbol of the Hindavi Swajaya, the forts of Shivaji Maharaj are forgotten long back. the fort overlooking this buzzing town is decaying. this once majestic fort today is painted with tobaco spit, garbage, empty beer bottles and lovers declaring their love for each other on the same walls where the brave mawlas spilt their blood for swarajya. But there is still hope... Suryabhan Tanaji Deshmukh aka Nanasaheb is the current Sarpanch of kharbujewaadi... Nana has two cronies who help him selflessly in his work, Pandurang Tukaram shinde aka Panda and Shivram Abaji Vahadne aka Shiva. Nana is an ardent follower of Shivaji Maharaj, he believes in his philosophy and tries his level best to put it in practice. As a tribute to his beloved king, he wants to restore the decaying fort for the people to remember their legacy in all its glory. to ensure that his vision becomes reality he has a plan ready and is running from pillar to post with the blueprint. but to his disappointment nobody entertains his idea. so his next move is to become the MLA himself and bring his dream into reality. To ensure this Nana and Gang have already had meetings with 'the high command'. But they have been instructed to put in more efforts, get results, 'the ticket to the legislation is not easy to come by'. But Nana is hell bent on bagging this ticket, and for that he's ready to go to all lengths to get noticed. At an event on the fort, the trio figures out an outrageous plan which is their 'ticket' to the ultimate 'ticket'. for this plan to take off they will have to fly to London. and so they kickstart the preparations. finally our 'mavlas' find themselves in London! Now that they are finally in London, will they actually be able pull off this outrageous plan? What is this outrageous plan? Is it going to work? Will their dream to restore this fort become a reality? All this will be revealed... in 'Baghtos kay mujra kar!'



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