29 Dec, 2017
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Seeking inspiration for his upcoming directorial venture, writer-director Jeeva heads to a haunted house in Ooty. Things soon take an eerie turn as inexplicable events start unfolding around him. Unbeknown to Jeeva, the answer to these strange occurrences may well lie in his past.
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The most popular genre in Tamil commercial cinema are horror comedies, which has the highest percentage of success at the box-office. It works basically because the audiences like the scare factor and at the same time, laugh out loud comedy scenes. This year end horror comedy, directed by Sinish, is Balloon, which will constantly scare and provide chills at the same time. ...Read full review
To be fair, the opening credits of Balloon does start with a list of movies the film is inspired from. But I felt a faint trace of involuntary outrage as a scene from It is almost recreated and this is even before the name of the film appears. It felt like a warning a signal to lower our expectations as the movie progresses. ...Read full review
Once these kind of films were slotted under reincarnation. Today, they are known as ghost stories, and Tamil cinema seems to be tirelessly pursuing this genre, but without coming out with anything remotely refreshing. We see the same girl that we saw years ago in The Exorcist, her eyes a glazed grey, her voice manly and gruff. Doors creak, clocks fall off walls, windows open and a deathly wind blows in along with the evil spirit. ...Read full review
Balloon doesn`t break any new ground in the horror genre, but it adapts a bunch of the genre`s tropes possessed kid, exorcism, revenge-seeking ghost and the like to give us a solid horror film. In fact, right in the title credits, director Sinish lists out the films that inspired his from Mama and The Conjuring to Poltergeist and It. ...Read full review
Balloon, like most horror-comedies, follows the done-to-death path of its genre. It has a haunted house, a flashback, possessed kid, exorcism, a couple and throws in some genuinely funny moments. Unlike the recent Aval, which worked big time on the horror front, Balloon isnt spine-chillingly frightening but still succeeds in leaving viewers in shock on a few occasions, especially when Jai makes an entry as a clown. ...Read full review
Here comes another heavily inspired horror comedy with an impressive cast comprising of Jai, Anjali and Yogi Babu in the mix . Will it sign off on a high note at the year`s end with the audiences or not remains to be seen. Jai is an aspiring film director whose action script is rejected and instead has the task of coming up with a horror script which he is skeptical about. ...Read full review
For a brief period in the beginning, Balloon exhibits promise. It constantly hints at being something more than your average horror-comedy. It almost seems like a meta narrative, when filmmaker Kutti (Jai) is shown, being coerced by a producer to write a horror film instead of the native subject he wants to make as his debut film (the bound script he places on the table bears the title, Aram). ...Read full review

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