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Beyond The Clouds

Beyond the Clouds

Apr, 2018
2 hrs 03 mins
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The paths of two siblings collide, when on the run from the cops after a drug bust, Aamir a 19-year-old peddler from Mumbai finds solitude in his past - whereas his estranged sister Tara, in a bid to protect her brother lands up in jail herself. However, this catastrophic incident turns into a serendipitous one for Tara and Aamir. As their lives get clouded by despair and disappointment, an unexpected light of redemption shines on them from beyond the clouds. The film beautifully highlights the many facets of India intertwined with a heartfelt celebration of family and love!
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Verdict: Majid Majidi shoots for the stars and delivers. Expectations for Majid Majidi`s Bollywood directorial debut are high. With a cast of newbies, yet well-known personalities, the award-winning director has hitched his wagon to the stars, quite literally. Beyond the Clouds is a family drama, introducing Ishaan Khatter and Malavika Mohanan in lead roles... ...Read full review
At the outset, Iranian filmmaker Majid Majidi captures your attention with a stunning opening shot that draws you into his version of Mumbai. This is not the first time a foreign director has shown the city through his lens while telling a story so intrinsic to it. But Majidis perspective isn`t bound by the clich to merely highlight the city`s wretched poverty. ...Read full review
Amir (Ishaan) and Tara (Malavika) are siblings from a Mumbai chawl whose lives hang on a thread because fate deals them with blows they cant necessarily defend themselves against. ...Read full review
Majid Majidi has always conveyed the truth about what`s happening in society through his films. He takes a harsh look at the lives of the common people and strives to find beauty beneath the grime. He tells you that the man on the street, someone most of us don`t look upon twice, too has a story to tell, if we are willing to listen. It will be a story both bitter and sweet, containing both tears and laughter. ...Read full review
Oscar-nominated Iranian filmmaker Majid Majidis maiden Hindi film Beyond The Clouds is packed with several silhouette shots of humans, and it is these shots which linger the longest in your mind. You watch these shots with deep interest and genuine curiousity for you yearn to discover the details concealed behind them. ...Read full review
The film kickstarts with a captivating opening shot where a young boy is seen darting across a flyover and soon the camera follows him into Majidi`s wonderland. The boy is Aamir (Ishaan Khatter), a street boy who peddles drugs for living and believes it to be his instant route to becoming stinky rich. Unknown to him, his estranged sister Tara (Malvika Mohanan) is in prostitution due to financial constraints. ...Read full review
Unlike our most of the Bollywood films which have palatial sets, fancy foreign locations, big star cast and extensive promotions backing them till their calculative release dates, away from all this, Iranian filmmaker Majid Majidi brings a simple tale of two siblings and their respective miseries. ...Read full review
Amir (Ishaan Khatter) is a street-smart drug peddler. His sister Tara (Malavika Mohanan), who works multiple streams to earn a living, is imprisoned for attempted murder. The victim, Akshi (Goutam Ghose) lies in a hospital bed. His death will certainly mean life imprisonment for Tara and his testimony could get her acquitted. ...Read full review
A gang of boys has cut a good deal in drugs and are back at their adda. One of them starts to breakdance on AR Rahmans tune blaring in the background. He climbs on to a car roof and puts his moves on display. Suddenly, the police arrives and they are back to running and their crude, cruel street life. In a way, this sums up the tone of Beyond The Clouds. Youre always on the run and there is hardly any solace in it. ...Read full review
The need to bridge the chasm between the minimalism of Iranian cinema and the shrill melodrama of Bollywood movies gnaws into the warp and weft of Majid Majidi`s Beyond the Clouds, the first film the Oscar-nominated director has made outside his country. The slum setting of this ode to Mumbai recalls Slumdog Millionaire but without packing the propulsive punch of the Danny Boyle film. ...Read full review
The bright-eyed Ishaan Khatter has something, a flicker in his eyes, and gets some zest into his part. Malavika Mohanan is great on the eyes, but clueless in how to fill her part. ...Read full review
Great tragedies tend to stay with us long after curtain call. Unlike happier fare, this genre of artistic expression has the power to draw you in more than any other. The most plausible reason for this is that the human race relates to tragedy more than it does to joy or any other uplifting emotion. Majid Majidis exceptional Beyond The Clouds is every bit the crushing film it attempts to be. ...Read full review
Iranian master Majid Majidi, whose Oscar-nominated film, 1997s Children of Heaven, remains one of the most affecting stories about sibling love and the innocence of children, uses the bustling landscape of Mumbai as the setting for his new film Beyond The Clouds. This is a moving redemption saga about a poor brother and sister faced with difficult circumstances, but the predictable plotting robs the film of any surprise. ...Read full review