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Bho Bho
A suspense thriller with a twist of comedy

Bho Bho

22 Apr, 2016
1 hrs 52 mins
360 votes
5 175
4 118
3 47
2 6
1 8
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Bho Bho is a thriller film which revolves around Sandy, a pet dog who is accused by the police, of having attacked and killed his mistress, and is to be put to sleep. But providence prevails, and Venkatesh Bhonde (Prashant Damle), a private eye, with an emphatic insight into human and dog psychology, is asked to inquire into this case.

Prior to being employed as a private eye, Venkatesh Bhonde, was employed in the services of the Mumbai Police. During his services with the Police, he devoted more time towards caring and feeding the dogs, rather than solving cases. This habit not only cost him his job, but also caused friction with his wife, as she did not approve of spending his meagre earnings on dogs, and cooking chicken for them in their vegetarian household.

Venkatesh knows that it is not natural for animals, especially dogs, to bite the hand that feeds them, and realizes that there is more to the case than meets the eye.
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Before analysing the movie, I just wish to state one thing. You haven`t watched a suspense thriller like Bho Bho on the Marathi screen ever ...Read full review
I will give it to Bho Bho for originality. It is unusual to see a murder mystery in Marathi cinema, and this is not your standard mystery either. The accused here is a very cute Labrador, who may or may not be guilty of the deed, and it is up to an insurance investigator to get to the bottom of it. The idea is promising, but things start going awry almost immediately after the opening credits. An implausible set-up starts the ball rolling. ...Read full review
Admittedly, the idea is not bad at all, its the details, which prove out to be problematic. Unlike the inconsistency found in the portrayal of a mad dog, there are a number of areas in screenplay wherein the logic is seen getting compromised. There are many issues that simply go unanswered and there the mystery starts to feel conveniently plotted. ...Read full review