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Black Mass
The true story of a criminal-turned-informant.

Black Mass

18 Sep, 2015
2 hrs 05 mins
2,973 votes
5 733
4 1203
3 741
2 165
1 121
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Black Mass tells the story of James `Whitey` Bulger, a violent criminal from South Boston who later turned into an informant for the FBI. But behind this deal, was his own selfish motive. He wanted to eradicate the Italian Mafia stepping on his turf. But what happened next changed a lot of things. And that is what this film captures.
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Verdict: A riveting true story is brought to life by remarkable performances. No one can deny Johnny Depp`s acting prowess. However, even his biggest fans have had doubts creeping in after his last few films. Fortunately, the star is back. This time, in a role that does complete justice to his talent. Black Mass traces the []... ...Read full review
As might be expected, thanks to both its theme of compromised loyalties and drab Boston setting, the spectre of Martin Scorsese`s Boston gangster film The Departed looms like a thunderstorm on the horizon. Black Mass invites those comparisons, in part because Coopers direction leans so heavily on Scorsese movies past, but it cant weather them. This is just business, Bulger constantly points out as he goes about his macabre activities. It feels like it. ...Read full review
Scott Coopers Black Mass is a big, brash, horribly watchable gangster picture taken from an extraordinary true story and conceived on familiar generic lines. Johnny Depps south Boston wiseguy James Whitey Bulger, with his shaven bald head and weird blue eyes is a fully accredited sociopath with a groany deep voice like Ray Liotta in GoodFellas. He even has a Funny, how? moment like Joe Pesci from the same film: kidding around and persuading his corrupt FBI associate over dinner into divulging the secret family recipe for his steak dish then turning very nasty about how easily his dining companion can be induced to spill the beans, and then uproariously pretending to have been kidding once everyone around the table has turned white with shock. ...Read full review
Black Mass is a great watch for audiences having the taste buds for a good old mafia film. Interestingly, the film does not play with your senses visually but mentally. Watching a Whitey Bulgers cold and inhuman side clubbed with his Robin Hood-esque side is quite a heavy dose. Black Mass may appeal to a certain section of audiences. Those looking to spend a merrier weekend could opt for a lighter watch than this film. ...Read full review