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14 Apr, 2017
2 hrs 36 mins
17,587 votes
5 7910
4 1681
3 940
2 1663
1 5387
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Chakravarthy is an undercurrent Action thriller based on the grey world. With the tagline, 'a rare combination of brain and crime’, Darshan-starrer Chakravarthy directed by debutant Chinthan is an unusual showcase of the underworld, balanced with family emotions, underlined with the relationship between a husband and a wife.The journey of Chakravarthy, who accidentally becomes a don, and his love marriage with a girl who is unaware of his rebel traits, will be explored in the film which sees the actor in three different shades.

The movie is packed with Love, Romance, and Family elements. Manipulations, Mind game, Brainy tricks makes the flow unpredictable. The film features Deepa Sannidhi opposite Darshan with his real life brother Dinakar Thoogudeepa playing the antagonist. The film produced by Siddhanth has an ensemble cast including Srujan Lokesh, Aditya, Kumar Bangarappa, Yashas among others. The film's music by Arjun Janya has cinematography by K.S. Chandrashekar.
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The movie follows the life of a Young man Shankar (Darshan) who comes to Bengaluru in search of a job. He elopes along with his lover Shanthi (Deepa Sannidhi) as well. After being perturbed by few happenings in Bengaluru as a result of Underworld Mafia, Shankar gets hooked up with some bad elements in the society. Shankar slowly rises up his ranks and becomes the most influential person in the Underworld. He gets caught between his family life and Gangster life. How he continues to do good things to the society despite being at a wrong place? How he overcomes all the hurdles to get back to his roots forms the rest of the story. ...Read full review
Chakravarthy is a magical film for the fans of Darshan. In three different getups and a story spanning three decades, the film goes on a world trip starting from the underworld scene of Bengaluru in 1980s. The basic line of the film is that any person can do good things being in the wrong place and any person in a good place can also do bad things. No prizes for guessing what Darshan`s role is then. He has to enter the underworld to protect his friends. From there on, he has to suffer so much personal loss but still goes on to fulfil his mission. ...Read full review
Ram Gopal Varma may want to take a look at Chakravarthy. This film (or rather a substantial portion of it) is a thinly disguised (but dramatised and commercialised) story on Muthappa Rai. Varma had announced a film, Rai, last year. However, debutant director Chinthan ensures that there is no direct reference to any real-life person. For those not familiar with the stories of Bengalurus dark underbelly, it would be quite a task to connect the dots. Creative licence also ensures that patriotism and superhuman elements are infused in to the story. While being quite realistic in the first half, the films creative ending is only a commercial exploitation of patriotism. ...Read full review