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Chal Bhaag
Three convicts on the run!

Chal Bhaag

13 Jun, 2014
1 hrs 52 mins
16 votes
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Chal Bhaag is the story of three troublemakers: Munna Supari, Bunty Chor and Daler Singh Tadipaar. The three find themselves in prison, facing the wrath of the vengeful inspector. When they learn that they`re only being released so they can be killed, the three must band together in order to survive.
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Chal Bhaag has all the elements of a good ol` Bollywood masala - the lovable rogue(s), incompetent cops, slapstick humour, over-the-top action sequences and an item song to boot! The film follows three small-time criminals - Bunty Chor (Tarun Bajaj), Munna Supari (Deepak Dobriyal) and Daler Singh (Varun Mehta). The trio land in jail for ... ...Read full review
Chal Bhaag is a story of three small-time crooks who fall prey to bunch of cops, looking for unsuspecting victims to set up a fake encounter. Set in the lanes of Delhi, the film traces the cat and mouse game between the cops and the trio played by Deepak Dobriyal, Varun Mehra and Tarun Bajaj.Deepak Dobriyal as Munna Supari literally carries the entire film on his lean shoulders. New comers Varun Mehra, Tarun Bajaj and Kiya Khanna fail to deliver.Senior actors like Sanjay Mishra, Yashpal Sharma and Mukesh Tiwari perform only as much as required. ...Read full review
Honestly speaking `Chal Bhaag` doesn`t have an intriguing premise. It revolves around small-time and hopeless thieves who are framed, arrested and planned to be killed in a fake encounter by desperate police officials. Munna Supari (Deepak Dobriyal), introduced as Munna Bhai wears razor blade shaped steel pendant and entertains with his quirky one-liners and downright weird antics. Daler Singh (Varun Mehra) loses his temper quite quickly and easily and thrashes goons, but can`t muster up the courage to express his true feelings to the girl he loves. Chain snatcher Bunty Chor (Tarun Bajaj) is too scared to pull off audacious robberies which the Delhi notorious thief (the original Bunty Chor) was popular for. Also his physicality and appearance doesn`t do justice to the infamous criminal he borrows his name from. ...Read full review
Chal Bhaag looks promising in the beginning. It is the story of three assorted people, Munna Supari (Deepak Dobriyal), Bunty Chor (Tarun Bajaj) and Daler Singh (Varun Mehra) who meet in a jail and are stuck together in a crisis, thanks to a nexus of corrupt police officers and politicians. The trio is just about to get encounter-ed when they manage to escape.rom the first reel, this film goes on to become more and more unbelievable and after a point, you are gasping for breath. Wait, thats not because you are awestruck by the brilliance of the movie, but because you cannot believe that someone can put together something as childish and amateur as this one and even dare to call it a film. And the breath is taken away because of the constant sniggers that the unwittingly hilarious scenes evoke. ...Read full review