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29 Dec, 2017
2 hrs 25 mins
26,199 votes
5 12939
4 7118
3 3371
2 1078
1 1675
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Kush is a gynecologist by profession, but a self-confessed party animal and ladies man by heart. Owing to his secret life, Kush doesn't object when his family zero-in on a homely girl for marriage. An MBA graduate, Kushi seems like the perfect bride who would be oblivious enough to Kush's secret life style, but what he doesn't know is that Kushi's also a party animal secretly. Things take a turn for the worse when they both get to know each other better.
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It is a fun filled entertainer for the family audience. Director Suni has looked at the ultra modern society in his imagination. The high profile life of party and pub culture today is a temporary enjoyment, in life emotions are very important he has focused with a convincing style. Director Suni lives up to the expectations in this lively film. ...Read full review
The story line of course is as simple as the director Simple Suni which falls into a RomCom genre, what works for the movie is the refreshing smooth screenplay through out. The story revolves around the lead pair bowing down to pressure of marriage from family, it proceeds with predictable #Chamak turn of events and how the turn of events end forms the later half of the story. ...Read full review
Kush is a successful gynecologist who lives life in a carefree way. He chooses to marry a girl of his family`s choice. This perfect homemaker named Khushi seems to be just the gullible wife he wanted to ensure he continues to live his playful life post marriage. Or so he thinks... ...Read full review
It is a magical combination of Ganesh, Rashmika Mandanna and director Simple Suni. They have managed to give a very entertaining film in the form of Chamak. The film has a fresh feel and a contemporary take on the compulsion of marriage and how the young people today approach it. Marriage is not seen as a lifetime effort and commitment. But it only takes a few things to realise how do deal with it. That is what is shown in the film in an interesting manner. ...Read full review
Director Suni alias Simple Suni has come out with a different film that has the potential to cater all categories, especially all age groups, of audiences. The film Chamak takes off well but slows down during the second half. However, the director proves his mettle by ensuring screenplay crisp in the climax which will be appreciated by women audiences. ...Read full review
Khush, a gynaecologist, gets into a wedlock with Khushi, a student. They appear to be a discreet couple when they are with each other. However, their originality narrates a different story, which will be hidden within themselves. ...Read full review
Chamaks storyline isnt fresh from the oven. Its like a food item that rests in the refrigerator for several years. The task of writers and directors to do here is open the fridge and reheat the item and garnish it with the flavor of the season whenever they want to feed the audience. ...Read full review
Suni knows to keeps his subject unique and with Chamak, he succeeds not only in making his characters loveable but also lastable. With Kush (Ganesh) and Kushie (Rashmika Mandanna), the director manages to create an aura that leads us to define romance at a different level. We fall in love all over again. The film explores relationship after marriage, and how much of each gets committed to it, which is quite relevant is today. ...Read full review
Chamak with this title the surprises are sure to be part of the film. This is what Simple Suni has followed. The biggest Chamak for the audience is when the couple came together! A film with full of rehearsals for Rashmika Mandanna before her marriage with Rakshit Shetty, it is a cake walk for golden star Ganesh in Chamak. ...Read full review