29 Sep, 2017
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A young dramatist rebels against his fascist tutor to form his own troop of misfits with an aim to win the prestigious theater competition. The film is inspired by the real-life Purushottam theater competition in Pune.
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Verdict: A deep dive into creative waters, this bold film explores and pushes the limits of artistic perfection. CRD released to rave reviews in the US last year, with censorship troubles delaying the release here in India. It's finally out this week, on Sept. 29. The critically acclaimed film is directed by Kranti Kanade who also []... ...Read full review
Here is another shot in the arm for independent Hindi cinema, which has of late been livened up by the emergence of several unique voices. Writer-director Kranti Kanade is the latest addition to that list. His second fiction feature, CRD, a free-flowing drama set in the world of theatre, dismantles established narrative principles with abandon. It is none the worse for it. ...Read full review
Mayank (Vinay Sharma) is a tyrannical teacher who extracts the best out of his theatre students through the harshest means possible. While Persis (Mrinmayee Godbole), an actress, goes along with it, the newbie Chetan (Saurabh Saraswat) cannot. He breaks out of the existing group to forms his own troupe of actors Netra (Abhay Mahajan) and Dipti (Isha Keskar) and challenges his ex-teacher. ...Read full review
Experimental is the only word you need to describe director Kranti Kanades cryptically titled film CRD. The opening shot even has the tile Un Film De Kranti Kanade, a sly allusion to the films heavy French and European art house influences. ...Read full review
Im not sure I can tell you what this film is about. This has nothing to do with a suspenseful plot twist or the element of surprise. It means I simply cannot tell you, as much as I try, because I cant describe it myself. ...Read full review
A student of drama arrives at an institute, where he encounters everything a newbie may: people he can talk to, and play act with; teachers who are treated with shock and awe and who, in turn, create moments of shock and awe for their pupils, and moments that will help him grow, upwards and outwards. ...Read full review
Ever wondered what happened to Mr Aggarwal in Deewar? Or where does the item girl go after her special song ends? CRD is the kind of film that makes you wonder about the people on the periphery, flirting with limelight but never really in it. ...Read full review
Like a rooster in all its morning glory, director Kranti Kanade`s film "CRD" stands out - ruffling feathers, making the right noises and then settling down to being just a timid wannabe. Nevertheless, the film is undeniably different. The film is a work of art that lacks a realistic or logical development. ...Read full review

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