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Creed 2

Creed 2

29 Nov, 2018
2 hrs 10 mins
9,496 votes
5 5533
4 2737
3 901
2 145
1 166
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Trained under the tutelage of the famed boxer and former champion, Rocky Balboa, the new light-heavyweight champion, Adonis Creed takes on the Viktor Drago, the son of Ivan Drago.
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Verdict: Michael B. Jordan packs a solid punch in this knockout sequel. Back in 2015, the legendary Rocky saga got its comeback to the big screen with director Ryan Coogler in Creed. He took an iconic franchise that was past its time and gave it a nifty new look. With the son of Rockys competitor-turned-friend Apollo Creed, he won over critics and audiences with a rightful return of the boxing ... ...Read full review
Strong performances combined with the sturdy, albeit measured direction by Steven Caple Jr., ensure that although Creed II comes across as formulaic, theres no shame in enjoying it for nostalgic reasons. ...Read full review
With the underlying fathers-and sons theme of this particular Rocky spin-off established, the plot charts a familiar trajectory, from self-doubt to triumph, in and outside the ring, as most boxing films. ...Read full review
Overall, Creed II is another winner in the Rocky/Creed franchise. If not for anything, watch it for the love of Rocky Balboa, it looks like, this might be the last time we`ll see our beloved boxer on screen. A highly engaging, emotional, thrilling and satisfying watch. ...Read full review
Overall, for a film about a boxer`s life, the fighting sequences are what holds the pulse of the narrative. But here the fighting scenes are poorly packaged. Unfortunately they seem more like club boxing matches rather than the epic battle it is made out to be. So in that sense, Creed II never really delivers. ...Read full review
Creed II is suffused with grim father-son drama, as well as regrets, recriminations, fierce fighting words and somber determination to vindicate past wrongs, both real and perceived. The movie sags under the weight of it all, with Stallone`s mopey speeches taking on lugubrious repetitiveness, and the plot machinations setting up Adonis as an underdog becoming increasingly painful to watch. ...Read full review
Stallones snub was one of the biggest travesties of the 2016 Oscars - besides the wonderful narrative it made for, his performance truly reflected the dormant artistry in his heart. Both the narrative and the performance remain equally moving this time around - Stallone has said this is his final film as the iconic character. But Creed 2 serves as the most resounding announcement of Michael B Jordans talents as both a movie star and an actor. He could be the next Denzel Washington. ...Read full review
It is nice to see Tessa Thompson playing another strong female character in what a decade ago would have been a filler woman role in a manly man-centric story. There is genuine attention paid to the dynamics between Bianca and Creed, and the anxiety she feels for her husband, translates into a very potent audience response. Jordan is predictably great and Florian makes a good impression by grounding a campy great big Eastern European baddie character in reality with gravitas. There is no reason you should not be seeing this movie in theaters right away. The only thing you need to be wary of is the cut to the interval may prove frustrating because the midpoint contains a seriously thrilling buildup. ...Read full review