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Deadpool 2

Deadpool 2

English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil
18 May, 2018
2 hrs 01 mins
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Marvel's motormouth mercenary is back! Bigger, better and occasionally more pantless than ever before. When a super soldier arrives on a murderous mission, Deadpool is forced to think about friendship, family and what it really means to be a hero - all while kicking 50 shades of ass. Because, sometimes, to do the right thing you need to fight dirty.
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Verdict: The ideal time to book tickets for Deadpool 2 is yesterday. From the you-must-be-wondering-how-I-got-here beginning and the cheeky credits that followed, right until the mid-credit scene, Deadpool 2 is designed to entertain and amuse you with its visuals, its soundtrack, the major tongue-in-cheek writing and the minor displays of emotions. Oh and everything in between is kickass too. Dire... ...Read full review
Wade Wilson aka Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds), the snarky superhero seeks purpose and sense of belonging for a change. He finds it in defending a 14-year-old mutant from the wrath of a powerful man from future Cable (Josh Brolin). But can the foul-mouthed mercenary who doesnt wish to elude death, achieve this feat alone? ...Read full review
In the panoply of superhero movies Panoply? That sounds wrong; its too pretentious. And who says panoply anyway? Deadpool would never approve. Lets try that again. Ahem. There is a plethora of Ugh. No. Third times the charm. Lets do this. In the pantheon of superhero movies There we go! Finally. In the pantheon of superhero movies, few are as proudly individualistic as Tim Millers Deadpool, and, as Deadpool himself wastes no time in reminding us, few have been as successful. ...Read full review
Ryan Reynolds is a funny man, a compulsive quipster and the life of the Marvel Cinematic Universe party. Wisecracks jump right out of his mouth at the precise moment they`re meant to and unfailingly do the trick. His effortless sass and chatterbox stamina is tailor-made for Deadpool. ...Read full review
Two years after surprising us with smutty meta humour, the Merc with a mouth is back with a bigger, smuttier follow up that, surprisingly, works despite being an obviously rushed up sequel. If you enjoyed the first Deadpool, prepare for a dose of the same formula on a slightly bigger and more explosive-y canvas but with just enough heart and genuine assiduity to keep you entertained. It is a rare sequel that is just as memorable as the first film and makes you look forward to more adventures with the charming foul mouthed asshat in red. ...Read full review
How do you describe a film that starts off mocking the James Bond title sequences. Deadpool cavorts like a Bond title girl, as title music plays in the background, while irreverent title credits roll. You know that stage is set up for a totally wacky superhero movie and you aren`t disappointed. ...Read full review
Even without the guns and katanas, Ryan Reynolds` Deadpool 2 would slay with its pop-culture winks. From Mel Gibson to Kirsten Dunst to guys with moms named Martha - no one, not even the self-referential hero of this crackling sequel, is spared a sly dig in this one. The meta-humour that writers/developers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick cracked in Deadpool (2016) is sent splattering across the screen in infectious, dripping red in Deadpool 2. ...Read full review
At a time when superhero films are all about saving the world and universe from madmen and their clan, Deadpool 2 comes as a sweet relief as it focuses on saving one child from himself with Deadpool`s distinct `merc with a mouth` manner. Sassier, funnier, grosser and more coherent with its plotline, the sequel of 2016 blockbuster hit is everything fans were expecting and more. Featuring Wade Wilson unloading both sarcasm and pop-culture references at any given moment, a bombastic introduction to the stern and mechanical Cable, a kid with issues and deaths - lots of deaths, Deadpool 2 has it all. ...Read full review
Given that it takes such pride in being subversive, youd think Deadpool 2 would be sporting enough to attach the tagline More of the same. Its true. This sequel to the 2016 film starring Ryan Reynolds as the filthy-mouthed mutant superhero is filled with crude jokes, bloody violence, a string of pop culture references, multiple digs at other superheroes particularly Hugh Jackmans Wolverine, and a lot more of that breaking-the-fourth-wall and talking directly to the audience. Its a winning cocktail that set the first film apart from everything else in the genre, and frankly, one that delivers again. But gone is that giddy excitement of discovering something unpredictable and surprising. ...Read full review