10 Feb, 2017
2 hrs 27 mins
14,421 votes
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What would you do when your fate is to commune with the devil? Will you run for cover or would you stand up and challenge your fate itself that put you there in the first place! Will you forsake your loved ones to save your skin or would you risk your very life on what seems to be a losing battle?

A young married couple, Ranjan and Priya, recently move to Kochi to further their career prospects. They move into one of the oldest mansions and start their family life in the earnest. Ranjan finds his new posting much to his liking and Priya doesn't have much to complain. They feel blessed in their lives but little do they know that their lives are just small pawns in a larger scheme of fateful events that stretches back to a century or more. The very fateful events from the past century where love, jealousy, hatred, anger, betrayal and helplessness come together to haunt Ranjan and Priya's otherwise peaceful existence.

Cornered and crushed at this dismal turn of events in his life, Ranjan seeks out for someone to help him and his family. Enter the son of an old Rabbi, who slowly yet painstakingly searches the origin of this evil legacy. The young Rabbi Markes and Ranjan start uncovering the undesired and forgotten truths... truths that will either save him and his family or decimate everyone concerned. Who are the key players in this age old game of deceit? How did Ranjan and Priya get sucked into this dark conspiracy? Will there be justice to those who have been wronged in the past? Will Rabbi Markes be able to help? Or will the evil legacy get to execute its heinous agenda?

The film oscillates between the dark and nether world of fact and fiction! Of the psychological and the paranormal! Of superstitions and supernatural! Riddled with spine chilling moments, Ezra delves into a forgotten era and a culture that is rarely explored in Indian cinema.
Ezra is the horror thriller Prithviraj in the lead role. The movie is scripted and directed by newcomer Jay K. Ezra is produced by AV Anoop, Mukesh R Mehta, and CV Sarathi, for the banners AVA Productions and E4 Entertainment. ...Read full review
When did you last see a Malayalam horror-thriller movie? Ezra won`t disappoint you if you are a love... ...Read full review
Ezra was announced as a first-of-its-kind horror movie in Mollywood, and naturally you step into the hall with such expectations. However, except for a story-line which makes for a horror movie, there is nothing much in the movie which a horror phobic needs to be wary of ...Read full review
It is the lure of peeking into the fast fading Jewish culture of Fort Kochi and Mattanchery that draws audience to the theatre to watch Ezra, they are left in a state similar to the hero who follows heavy footsteps on old stairways ultimately to end up with nothing. ...Read full review



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