G Kutta Se

G Kutta Se

16 Jun, 2017
1 hrs 43 mins
117 votes
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4 19
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In a small village not too far from Delhi, three lives explode around taboos of love and lust. Diksha, still just a girl, is caught unguarded on camera, besmirching the "honor" of her parents. Kiran, in love with the wrong boy, becomes the target of another man's lustful vengeance, "dishonoring" her family. And Virender, a young man cruising the streets at will, enjoys all the acts society forbids women, protecting or destroying their "honor" as he wills. Set in the badlands of Haryana, known for high rates of female feticide, G explores the murky world of sexual transgression and honor killings in India.
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Verdict: Sexually charged but emotionally impotent. Directed by Rahul Dahiya and set in the villages of Haryana, G Kutta Se aims to portray the deep-rooted taboos that are prevalent in this part of the country. The film opens with a man trying to grope a woman sleeping next to him and the tone of the []... ...Read full review
Be warned. "G Kutta Se" is not an easy film to watch. The camera (Sachin Singh) moves like a seething predator through the rugged landscape combing hearts and loins for signs of fugitive compassion. This fuming film stomps resolutely on all our cinematic perceptions to give us a fresh imminent and extremely disconcerting view of reality at the grassroots level. ...Read full review
There is no honour in that overused, awful phrase honour killing, and films which can put this into perspective and tell us where those people come from, can help shift hardened stances. It certainly isnt easy to watch. In many places, I felt like shutting my eyes. But I couldnt. And we shouldnt. Because there comes a time when to see or not to see is no longer a choice. It is the only thing left to do. ...Read full review
Set in Haryana, the film looks at the consequences of falling in love and the price some people are ready to pay, to preserve their honour. ...Read full review

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