09 Feb, 2018
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In an unforeseen circumstance, Sivaji and Gayatri get separated. How they reunite and what is the role of Gayatri Patel, forms the crux.
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Is there anything that Mohan Babu hasnt done in his illustrious career spanning 40 years (and 550 films)? Im not sure. Is there anything that Mohan Babu cant do today? Im not sure either. Because his latest film Gayatri is less of a film but more of a showreel to reinforce his acting prowess just in case we had few doubts left lingering in our mind. ...Read full review
Dasari Shivaji (Mohan babu) is searching for his daughter (Gayatri) who went missing since 25 years in childhood and also ran an orphanage.While he got clue about her whereabouts he finds that she was kidnapped .The story runs around the link between Shivaji and the kidnapper. ...Read full review
Story Dasari Sivaji (Mohan Babu) is a stage artist by profession and a do-gooder as a person. He runs Sarada Sadan to help destitute children and involves himself in social service activities. In a certain situation, Sivaji rescues a girl who happens to be his daughter. He then realizes that he was separated from his daughter, who then sets himself out to seek revenge on the culprits. ...Read full review
Gayatri is the story of Sivaji (Mohan Babu), a stage-artiste who is a master of disguise. He runs an orphanage named after his late wife and funds it with money he makes by putting his talent to use - he serves prison time on behalf of influential criminals by going in disguise. Sivaji, who has a heart of gold, but also hides a meaner side, has just one mission - to find his lost daughter Gayatri (Nikhila Vimal). Then there is Gayatri Patel, a dreaded gangster, also played by Mohan Babu. He is hell bent on framing Sivaji and also killing his daughter. Do Sivaji and his daughter manage to outwit these circumstances? ...Read full review
Versatile actor Mohan Babu who has not been seen often on screen in recent times plays a dual role a hero and a villain in Gayatri. The film, directed by Madan Ramigani, is a testament to how a high-voltage commercial entertainer stuffed with family emotions is what makes Telugu cinema. Madan knows his target audience well and delivers what they want. ...Read full review



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