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Hindi Medium

Hindi Medium

19 May, 2017
2 hrs 13 mins
50,253 votes
5 29866
4 14980
3 3666
2 763
1 966
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Hindi Medium is a situational comedy based on social issues. It's a family-oriented story of a couple who is determined that their three year-old daughter should study in an English medium school and they leave no stone unturned to achieve this goal.
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Verdict: An entertaining film that deals with a relevant subject. One would agree that over the years, the English language has emerged as one of the most crucial determinants of social status, prestige and employment in our country. For some reason the Angrezi-speaking people are considered cool while the Hindi waale are not. In the []... ...Read full review
Irrfan Khan was last seen taking on corrupt forces in `Madaari`. He is back, this time to question the educational system in our country whereby children are inducted into posh English-medium schools only after a ridiculous amount of time, money and energy are invested into ensuring the child`s future. ...Read full review
Education of children in India has been a sensitive issue forever. It is no secret that education has become more of a money-making business and underprivileged kids are suffering due to quota system, especially in private schools. Director Saket Chaudhary`s film Hindi Medium talks about such issues. ...Read full review
Mita and Raj Batra, an affluent couple from Delhis Chandni Chowk, are grappling with getting their daughter admission into an English medium school. But there is one big problem. Their zubaan is Hindi, and the elitist snobs wont let the Hindi speaking hoi-polloi fit in. ...Read full review
Mita and Raj Batra are a well-off couple, who are deeply in love with each other. They reside in Delhis Chandni Chowk. Raj owns a shop where he sells first copies of designer lehengas and Mita is a homemaker. However, trouble begins in their paradise when they try to admit their daughter Piya into an English Medium school. They leave their ancestral home and move to a posh South Delhi location in an attempt to improve their status, so that they can fit in a society, where in Mitas words, English is not just a language but also class, which only a good school can provide. ...Read full review
The source of drama and conflict at the heart of "Hindi Medium" is one that a sizeable number of Indian parents will likely relate to. It is the single-minded commitment the intense, often corrupt, occasionally comical lengths one will go to in order to ensure better education for one`s children than one was fortunate to receive. In nine of out ten cases, that implies an English medium education at a private school. ...Read full review