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07 Jul, 2017
2,371 votes
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‘Hrudayantar’ is an emotional drama that explores the marital crisis of a couple (Shekhar & Samaira) married for over 12 years. They have two beautiful daughters (Nitya and Nysha) who have been the glue to their brittle marriage all these years. Shekhar, a hotelier is a workaholic. With hardly any time to spare for his family, he believes that he can either give his family a luxurious life or spend quality time with them.

Samaira on the other hand is also a working woman but being disciplined task master, manages her responsibilities towards her house, daughters and work with utmost skill. Her life mainly revolves around her daughters.

Nitya, the elder between the two sisters loves to dance. Dancing is not only her passion but it means the world to her. Nysha on the contrary is an athlete in the making. Her love for outdoor sports makes her participate in every sport event at school.

Hrudayanatar is the journey of the family and how through turbulent times the family learns and values relationships…

Hrudayantar is about celebrating life !!!!
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Verdict: Hrudayantar handles complex emotions so gracefully. With Marathi cinema churning out some pure gems in the past few months, the audience's expectation from films these days is not just mindless entertainment anymore. The Marathi audience is ready to get wowed only if one knows how to make a film with substance. Hrudayantar is one []... ...Read full review
Vikram Phadnis who has made a name for himself as a designer and has a legacy going back 25 years makes a debut as a film director with Hrudayanntar. The best compliment one can give him is that the film doesnt feel like a debut vehicle. Its an all heart effort thats real and spunky and while it would leave the audience teary eyed, it offers a sort of catharsis as well. And its not positioning itself as a miracle worker either. The film clearly shows that while resurgence is possible in a broken relationship, the partners nevertheless live under an uneasy peace. ...Read full review
Vikram Phadnis debut directorial is a warm and heartfelt story. It has the right dose of emotions and establishes a deep connect with your soul. But theres something missing. We will get there soon enough. First, heres what the film is about: ...Read full review
The new wave in Marathi cinema began in 2004 with Shwaas, which played out like a neorealist film featuring a boy with a deadly disease and his grandfathers efforts to save him against all odds. The film had a sense of time and place and reflected the reality of a third world country that we see around us. Much of Hrudayantar plays out like a first world version of the same theme. The kid, the condition and the clock are all there. Only the setting is vastly different. The money, a major factor in the nightmarish reality of cancer is a secondary problem here, if at all. The family in Hrudayantar can do anything and everything humanly possible to try to save the kid. So the added complication here is the relationship between the parents. ...Read full review