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Indu Sarkar

Indu Sarkar

28 Jul, 2017
9,596 votes
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Set during the emergency period between 1975 – 1977, Indu Sarkar is based on the 21-month long period, when the then Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi had unilaterally declared a state of emergency across the country. The film stars Anupam Kher, Neil Nitin Mukesh and Kirti Kulhari in the lead roles and is directed by Madhur Bhandarkar.
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Verdict: Bhandarkar's tale is layered. Pay attention. Firstly, Indu Sarkar's release should be a joyous moment, considering the heavy censorship that has now kind of become a norm. Secondly, let us clarify that the movie is not about the Emergency nor is it about Indu's sarkar. It's about a rather timid, introverted woman, Indu Sarkar, []... ...Read full review
Indu Sarkar is an account of, what was touted in the film to be, Indias second freedom struggle. After a steady dose of pre-independence stories, it is indeed refreshing to see the struggles that plagued a recently free India. Madhur Bhandarkar is back to doing what he does best sketch immensely powerful female characters. If you have a taste for political dramas, Indu Sarkar will surely engage you. ...Read full review
With Indu Sarkar, Bhandarkar drops most gimmicks and turns the page. But he is still far from Page 3. ...Read full review
The irony of Indu Sarkar is that it is so indulgent in highlighting the importance of free speech and democracy that you could change a few names, few other situations and it could well have been a film about the crisis India is facing today: People with allegiances to the ruling party exploiting the masses and even politicians at their own will. ...Read full review
Indu Sarkar is set during the Emergency, and shows us the horrific violation of freedom put into motion by then prime minister Indira Gandhi, aided and abetted by her younger son Sanjay. ...Read full review
To say that Indu Sarkar is better than Heroine and Calendar Girls is hardly a compliment to the man who made Chandni Bar and Page 3. ...Read full review
Bollywood has never been great with political cinema. Even by those lax standards, Indu Sarkar is the pits. It is high on dramatic flourish, low on impact. So insipid is the 139-minute film, it leaves you wondering why on earth it has seen the light of day unless you deign to consider the political purpose that it serves in the current political scenario. It`s hard to find a purely cinematic reason for its existence. ...Read full review
Two words: Skip this. And if at all you muster up the courage to watch Indu Sarkar, keep a mug of VERY strong coffee handy. You might doze off several times while the Emergency plays out in front of you ...Read full review
The smartest thing about Madhur Bhandarkar`s new film is its title. Subtlety has never one of his strengths, but "Indu Sarkar" is a nice play on words. It is both the name of the film`s protagonist, and also, as you may have guessed, refers to late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi`s ruling government. ...Read full review
In one hand we have political dramas like Rajneeti, Sarkar, frolicking at the border between propaganda and what some may call the partial truth, and in another, we have Indu Sarkarbrutally honest, riveting and a silent slap to the shapers of this nation who resort to tactics that cut at the very root of democracy. ...Read full review
All placed throughout the emergency period amid 1975 - 1977, Indu Sarkar is entirely based on the 21-month extended period, when the then Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi had unilaterally affirmed a state of emergency crossways the country. Throughout the emergency period, the pair begins experiencing some difficulty owing to ideologies and beliefs ...Read full review