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Irudhi Suttru
A gritty tale of a boxer.

Irudhi Suttru

29 Jan, 2016
1 hrs 52 mins
12,238 votes
5 9236
4 2644
3 265
2 32
1 53
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Adi Tomar had a dream to win the boxing gold for India. Instead he languished in a nightmare for a decade as his gloves were spiked during an all-important match, blinding him in the arena and handing the match to his undeserving opponent, a mediocre boxer but a political powerhouse. The culprit was his own coach, Dev Khatri. Shattered by his loss, and disillusioned by the state of Indian boxing, Adi turned to a life of cynical self-destruction of booze, brothels and bar-fights. Loyal friends somehow bring him back to boxing as the coach of the lowly rated Indian women`s boxing team. His outspoken honesty sends jitters through his old adversaries, and he is soon transferred to Chennai, the Siberia of Indian boxing.

But Adi continues to dream but this time for a free-spirited, fiery young woman from the fishing community, Madhi. Adi spots in her a champion that could bring India the gold that he was robbed off. But first Adi must earn her trust, then tame her impetuosity and finally make her dream all this in just nine months before the world championship. And so begins an uneasy partnership between a man who loves his sport and a girl who loves her freedom. Rigor and rebellion, structure and free spirit collide. It is the beginning of a beautiful friendship and a journey towards an impossible dream.
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`Irudhi Suttru` is about a man. It is the story of a man who exceeds past all normal expectations and makes the most out of what he is doing. What is he doing? Boxing. Why? ...Read full review
Madhavan is a banished boxing coach who tries hard to prove his critics a point. Carrying with him a hope that our country too, can achieve big in the field of boxing, he begins a new journey. ...Read full review
There`s something more than aggression that gets attached to a person`s character if he/she is from a lower strata of the society. Plentiful joy in celebrating small achievements is one of the main highlights of their psyche. There`s also a notion speaking to them that says they`d do anything for money.That kind of pressure puts them down and in a way tells them to deliver more than what is expected of them. ...Read full review
On the whole, it might not deliver a knockout punch, but Irudhi Suttru manages to land punches that constantly surprise us (the rousing climax ensures that we walk out with a smile) and in a good way. ...Read full review