Julie 2

Julie 2

Hindi, Tamil, Telugu
24 Nov, 2017
2 hrs 03 mins
4,137 votes
5 2236
4 238
3 360
2 305
1 984
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A simple girl, Julie fulfills her dream of becoming an actress and rises to become a star. However, her stardom is soon eclipsed by the dark side of the entertainment industry.
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Verdict: A depiction of the murky side of the film industry with added mystery and thrill. There are several movies that throw light on the darker side of the entertainment industry and one more movie was added to the list this week. Presented by Pahlaj Nihalani, Julie 2 started with a long disclaimer about it []... ...Read full review
The Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment controversy exposed the grime behind the world of glamour, and Julie 2 hammers home the point that an ordinary girl who harbours dreams of becoming a leading lady in the film industry, cannot reach the pinnacle of success relying on her talent alone. ...Read full review
In 2004, Neha Dhupia had famously said while promoting her film Julie that only sex and Shah Rukh Khan sell. 13 years later, the film`s sequel, Julie 2, uses every trick in the book to compensate for the lack of Shah Rukh Khan in it. ...Read full review
Julie 2 starts with a song which has its first line as Aaja aa bhi jaa, main tujhe pyaar doon, this is makers warning to us how the film will shape up. As the title suggests its about an actress named Julie (It wouldve been hard to guess!). ...Read full review
From the super-sanskari to the shabbily sensory, Pahlaj Nihalani - he of the unbendable but amusing censor board chief fame - is back in the good old business of peddling trash. Julie 2 is a whole putrid pile of it. Wade into it at your own risk. ...Read full review
It is indeed surprising to see the great Pahlaj Nihalani, the former Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) chairman and staunch protector of our sanskaar, presenting Julie 2. ...Read full review
`I live for love, I would die for love, You`re the only one I need, To get high on love`...no no, that isn`t me saying! It`s Raai Laxmi aka Julie`s unsanskared version about `tell-me-sometime-about-yourself`. Only difference here? No one`s asked her yet. ...Read full review

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