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Kalakalappu 2

Kalakalappu 2

09 Feb, 2018
18,703 votes
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An ex-minister is trying to get back his laptop from an auditor, who is blackmailing him from Kasi for Rs. 10 crores. It contains data regarding the minister's wealth from corrupt sources. Then there are the three young men, the three young women and a plethora of other characters with their own problems, who get involved in the ongoing madness.
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Verdict: This scam will leave you in splits! Kalakalappu (2012) left us on the floor laughing and Sundar C. is back to do the same with Kalakalappu 2 and we are so excited for you to watch it! The film picks up the same basic storyline and premise of its prequel but with different faces and []... ...Read full review
Given that Kalakalappu 2 a follow-up to the successful Kalakalappu (the film is not a sequel, but another story on similar lines), Sundar C goes for twice the budget (a major portion of film takes place in Kasi), twice the star cast and a plot that requires twice the screen time (well, that`s how it feels, anyway)... But is this twice as funny? That is the question that matters, and the answer is, not really. That said, the film is funny and keeps you in splits. ...Read full review
Director Sundar C specialises in making slapstick comedies targeting the mass family audiences for the last 22 years. He believes in providing maximum laughs with hardly any logic or storyline, but those seeking mindless entertainment just cant get enough of it. The original Kalakalappu (2012) was a huge hit, so he converted it into a franchise with Kalakalappu 2. The part 2 is not a sequel with only one of the characters (Shiva) being present in the new version, which is another laugh riot. ...Read full review
Director Sundar C`s touch is evident in handling an ensemble and justifying every actor`s presence but has fallen short in measuring up to his own cult classic. Jai a frustrated young man comes to know from his sanyasi father that their ancestral property worth rupees 10 Crores exists in Kasi and he sets out to retrieve it. ...Read full review
Money is the ultimatum for everyone and Kalakalappu 2 deals with such a concept where everyone is in the need for money, for their own reasons. This is the primary plot of the movie, told in an interesting manner, with some trademark Sundar.C touches. ...Read full review
Sundar Cs Kalakalappu, which released a few years ago, worked due to its overall entertainment factor. The excitement was high when the second part in the franchise was announced and the gamut of stars and comedians it brought together was one of the highlights of the film. Unfortunately, Kalakalappu 2 is not a match to the first part and it could be even considered an insult to the original. ...Read full review
Its a case of rarity in film industry, where a filmmaker remains loyal to the script, planning and proper execution. In this context, Sundar C has always been a strong winner, where his movies are always canned at the promised budget and in short span of time. This makes him a producer friendly to the core and when it comes to catering the tastes of his fans, he never disappoints. ...Read full review
It`s not easy to pinpoint a director who can work out his comic entertainers at a level better than Sundar C. With sublime control over his ensemble cast, dialogues and the hilarious situations, he`s so good when it comes to keeping the audiences in splits and bringing about the entertainment factor. ...Read full review
At some point in Kalakalappu 2, as your head is thrown back in laughter much like many others in the theatre you will dimly realise that youve, without knowing, given in to the shameless charms of the film. Youll become aware that youve stopped worrying about how sizeist or sexist the jokes are, mainly on account of how dedicatedly director Sundar C concocts the most preposterous of situations with just one noble intention to get you laughing. ...Read full review