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25 Jul, 2014
2 hrs 27 mins
2,293 votes
5 1766
4 154
3 98
2 75
1 189
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Kick is the story of a psychiatrist named Shaina (Jacqueline Fernandez), who talks to Himanshu (Randeep Hooda), a police officer, about her previous relationship with the Devil, an eccentric man whose life was driven by the need for a `Kick` or an adrenaline rush. He breaks up with Shaina for his Kick, to never return again. Himanshu realizes that he has finally met his match. However, he doesn`t know about Devil - the person who will link them to each other.
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There are three things one mustn`t underestimate in life, and they are Salman Khan, Salman Khan and Salman Khan. Primarily because the aura that the actor carries with him is more majestic than the person. When you watch a film that stars Salman Khan, you watch it for him, not for the paraphernalia, read: other ... ...Read full review
At some point, a canny producer was sure to realise that all that matters in the kind of movies Salman Khan does nowadays is Salman Khan. After looking at, for example, Bodyguard or Ready - hideous, tacky eyesores that nonetheless rule the charts - it was only a matter of time before he`d see little need for an expensive, credit-hogging middleman and chuck this "director" fellow out. Blasphemous, I know, but with films like this, it`s hard to argue. ...Read full review
In the earlier days masked heroes based films on the story line of Robin Hood were quite popular in our Hindi cinema. We have seen actors like Dharmendra, Amitabh Bachchan, Kamal Hassan, Jackie Shroff, Anil Kapoor, Mehmood and many more essaying the character of masked hero who robs from the rich and keeps helping the poor. The audience loved watching their favourite hero wearing a mask and doing their heroic act. The trend started to fade out with the millennium era and was replaced by the superheroes types of films in our Hindi cinema. Speaking about the trio Khans of our Hindi cinema, one of them opted for a superhero based films and another went out doing a daredevil style of fast paced action film. Probably due to which, the third Khan, Salman Khan opted out to do a masked hero based film on the lines of Robin Hood in his latest film, `Kick`. Now, Salman Khan is known for making out and out action oriented masala film due to which this concept of masked hero seems pretty exciting for the superstar and his die hard loyal fans, too. ...Read full review
There are certain ground rules for a Salman Khan film. While most heroes work their way towards earning the title in their respective films, Salman Khan, from the very first frame establishes who the boss is. What follows is a constant reminder, approved by a cheering audience. A quintessentially Salman-esque film, Kick is every bit the masala entertainer that the Bhai-worshipping audience was craving for after Jai Ho. The film, remake of a Telugu action-comedy by the same name, is about a young man called Devi Lal (played by Salman) who is constantly looking for thrills in life or as he prefers to call it, kick. It is this eternal quest for an adrenaline rush that pushes him to do the things that he does like help a couple elope, beat up boys at a bar (for eve-teasing of course; bhai always has his reasons) or insist on being taken to jail with hand-cuffs on, because walking in like a regular civilian just doesnt match up; it doesn`t have the same kick. ...Read full review