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Kuchh Bheege Alfaaz

Kuchh Bheege Alfaaz

16 Feb, 2018
1 hrs 56 mins
353 votes
5 172
4 53
3 33
2 18
1 63
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Every night at 10, Kolkata tunes into radio to listen to 'Kuchh Bheege Alfaaz' - an episodic series of unrequited love stories hosted by RJ Alfaaz who, despite his tremendous following, prefers staying detached and anonymous. Among his many fans is the boisterous Archana, a girl working at a creative agency - which designs branded memes. She is leukodermic but lives life to the fullest. They meet; or rather talk, for the first time over a misplaced call, when Archana accidentally dials Alfaaz's number, while trying to connect with her latest blind date. A friendship blossoms between the two strangers hidden behind their digital screens. It quickly translates in to a whirlwind of romance, until they bare their true selves to each other.
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Verdict: A magical romance in the digital age. Onir, the National Award winning film director known for films like My Brother Nikhil (2005) and I Am (2010), gives us a fairy-tale romance this February, the month of love. Kuchh Bheege Alfaaz starring the National Award winning actress Geetanjali Thapa and debutante actor Zain Khan Dur... ...Read full review
The films story has barely much to offer but Onir carefully crafts emotionally-charged sequences that keep you interested and curious about the proceedings even while the end is predictable. Geetanjali Thapas radiant smile is enough to win you over but she also packs in a determined performance. Internalising Archis mind and heart, Thapa owns the film single-handedly. Zain Khan Durrani carries the weight of his characters dark past in every scene and makes an earnest effort in delivering his brooding RJ. ...Read full review
Weepy romances with happy endings have their own charm. In modern times, when love and affection have simulated biases fuelled by social media, the idea of falling in love with the supplement of books, words and poems seems like perfect romanticism. Thats the proverbial strength of Onirs Kucch Bheege Alfaaz. This is a film about an unlikely romance taking place through WhatsApp. Onir and his writer Abhishek Chatterjee keep things chic and modern, but also keep the essence of an old-school romance alive. This heart-touching love story has the perfect balance of old and new. Its the movie youd want to watch with your valentine. ...Read full review
dea of love and falling for someone is subjective. Buying a bouquet of flowers or sending a gift to your loved ones, several people have several ways of expressing their love. In todays day and time, it has become a lot easier for anyone to find the best suitable match for themselves. However, blind dates being the recent trend, relationships have also become shallow and temporary. But what if you fall for someone while talking over a phone call or an app and only meet when it has some meaning to it? Director Onir brings you a fairytale of two people who are lonely within in his latest offering `Kuchh Bheege Alfaaz`. With the fragrance of untouched love and the mist around the city, the two strangers meet and the magic happens! ...Read full review
A popular RJ in Kolkata who chooses to remain anonymous, fortuitously connects with a female fan and their paths cross. Both remain in touch over social media platforms and help each other find what they are looking for which may or may not be, love. ...Read full review
Love is not just in the air but in the airwaves in director Onirs gentle romance based on a script by Abhishek Chatterjee. Kolkata is united by the rainy season and also by a late night radio show. As hard as it is to believe, Onir would like you to imagine that watchmen, young biker boys, college students and young professionals (men and women) are all tuned into Kuchh Bheege Alfaaz, mesmerised by a sublime voice and lilting poetry. ...Read full review
Kuchh Bheege Alfaaz is just another station in Onirs journey of exploring love. Its a story about a radio jockey with literally orgasmic voice, Alfaaz & a leucodermic pretty girl, Archie. The movie starts by introducing the cast in a WhatsApp bubble style, which though being very simple looks so good. Archie is clueless about her love life & dates any random guy, whereas Alfaaz is his own shell refusing to open up to anyone. ...Read full review