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18 Oct, 2017
2 hrs 50 mins
121,435 votes
5 72257
4 24897
3 12288
2 3851
1 8028
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The story of Mersal unfurls in three different time periods, in which Vijay plays three different characters, a doctor, a magician and a village leader from Madurai. In this action thriller film, a magician and a doctor attempt to solve a healthcare threat that is looming large over the country and in the process expose the corruption in the Indian medical industry.
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Verdict: Action-packed, emotional, and informative. The biggest and most iconic movie of this year is finally here and we cannot wait for you to watch it! Mersal is made on a budgget of whopping 120 crore INR, with an emoji of its own and the title trademarked - again, the first of its kind. Mind-blowing []... ...Read full review
With Mersal, we have got this year`s most engaging mass masala movie. It has a relatable theme (even though the medical field has been the target for many films), star power, punch dialogues that double up as political statements, emotional scenes that make us care for its characters, a message that connects with us, colourful visuals, peppy music, and masala moments that keep you cheering for the hero(es). ...Read full review
A day before Diwali, the much awaited Vijay-starrer Mersal has released, and it`s sure to please the audiences trooping into theatres over the festival holiday. We`ll say this right off Mersal has all the essential ingredients to make not just hardcore Vijay audiences happy, but also the family crowd. ...Read full review
Atlee seems to be a person with great taste. More than the story, the screenplay of Mersal, it is the packaging that impresses the most. Few scenes are terrifying and slightly on the gory side which justifies the U/A certificate issued for the film. ...Read full review
Vettri (Vijay with rippling muscles) can flick playing cards that carry the lethality of a sharpened knife; his magical contraptions do not stop defying logic even before a sophisticated audience everything is part of an elaborate plan to plunge a long sword into the heart of an Indian doctor who is the symbol of corporate healthcare centres that put money over medical service. ...Read full review
Director Atlees Mersal is a perfect star vehicle for Vijay. He has not just exploited Vijays stardom to deliver a flamboyant crowd-pleaser (which he did in Theri already) but has fleshed out an interesting script that plays up the best onscreen traits of the actor. ...Read full review
There can be no doubt that Mersal is a story written for actor Vijay. Each frame, dialogue, action and reaction celebrates the actor, and what he does best. Vijay is better off when he spews dialogue with restraint. Not loud, but he levels off well with SJ Suryah, who is a theatrical foil. ...Read full review
Like other star vehicles, Atlee uses the pause-and-play technique for Vijay`s introduction. Mersal begins with the usual fanfare, where the police arrest Maaran (Vijay) for a murder, which also reminds us of Rajinikanth`s Sivaji. ...Read full review
Amidst all hullabaloo and uncertainty, `Mersal` finally hits the theaters this Deepavali. The story has an age-old formulaic pattern followed from MGR period, where lookalikes swap places to avenge their detractors, with Atlee taking a contemporary issue for Vijay. Does it live up to the expectations? ...Read full review
Tamil Cinema and Tamilnadu politics are pretty interconnected. The heroes there pitch their political stand through the character they play and thats why we have seen many heroes playing the same old savior of the public kind of roles in all the main stream masala films. ...Read full review
With Mersal (Astonishment), director Atlee continues with his mission to simultaneously giganticise and deflavourise beloved older films. If Raja Rani was an overblown Mouna Raagam and Theri was a watered-down Chatriyan, Mersal is Aboorva Sagotharargal remade as a mass movie2. I know what youre thinking. ...Read full review
In a lot of ways, Mersal looks and feels like Rajinikanth`s Sivaji, especially at the beginning. Four seemingly random people are abducted from around Chennai (arguably more Ramana than Sivaji). The cops get a tip that the suspect is hiding out at a location in Triplicane. As they swoop in, mustering as much undercover mojo as they can manage, you catch a sight of Vijay walking in. Obviously, his back is to the camera. ...Read full review
`Mersal` is an all important film in Vijay`s career as his last outing `Bhairavaa` failed at the box office and this is also an acid test for Atlee whether he can score a blockbuster hat-trick. The result is that the Thalapathy scroes three times his mass and Atlee delivers once again. ...Read full review
With an ensemble cast, huge technical backup and a formidable storyline, Mersal is said to be having all ingredients on paper to become a runaway Blockbuster. Does the movie contain sufficient punch to convert the same into a Blockbuster? Keep reading Mersal movie review to know more.. ...Read full review
Four murders. All linked to the medical profession. That is how Atlee unveils or begins the Vijay-st... ...Read full review