Mohalla Assi

Mohalla Assi

16 Nov, 2018
2 hrs 00 mins
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Feature film `Mohalla Assi` is based on Sahitya Academy Award winner litterateur Kashi Nath Singh. Directed by famous National Award winner Dr. Chandra Prakash Dwivedi, `Mohalla Assi` is a political satire on cultural changes of a country like India which has a deep rooted cultural heritage in general and a pious & holy city like Varanasi in particular during the Globalization period that happened during the time frame of 1988 to 1998. `Mohalla Assi` travels its voyage on three levels i.e. person, society and country. `Mohalla Assi` tells the story of Dharm Nath Pandey (Sunny Deol), a man of principles and idealism. He has his hold on his surroundings and society as a caretaker of religion and culture.
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Verdict: Sunny Deol impresses even in his non-action avatar. Long stuck between PILs & censors, Mohalla Assi is a film that has been struggling for a release since many years. Based on Dr. Kashi Nath Singh`s novel Kashi Ka Assi, the film revolves around the globalization of Varanasi and the fear of losing the essence of this pilgrim city. What`s Mohalla Assi About: The movie revolves around Dh... ...Read full review
In his hands, Pandey turns into an intellectually challenged simpleton (Ganga is not a river; she is my mother) aching to course-correct his environment with Gadar-style violence. Whereas the character might have probably been written as a coming-of-age protagonist who must adapt or perish with the times. Its no surprise, then, that the long-in-the-cans Mohalla Assi mirrors his struggle it outrages, and outrages, against the dying of light. ...Read full review
Overall, Mohalla Assi had a lot of potentials which is lost in its haphazardness. The movie touches on various sensitive topics but doesn`t see it through. I am sure there was a great movie somewhere in there that got lost in the years of its battle with the censor board. ...Read full review
Dwivedis satirical drama has battled production delays, opposition and threats to finally release after a seven-year struggle. Mohalla Assi is less cinema and more textual. The small things and little metaphors are more impactful than the bombastic monologues which dominate this taxing and ponderous chronicle. ...Read full review
As things stand, it falls between two stools as much for its confused stance as for a screenplay that is too disjointed to be able to make its blows count. Mohalla Assi isn`t the film that Kashinath Singh`s trenchant novel deserved. Half of the film knows exactly what it is driving at, the other half is all at sea. ...Read full review
Sadly, Mohalla Assi is not much of a film. Its just a collection of choppy scenes, making it seem that it was censored heavily. Its been in the making for five or six years, and you can see later add-ons: Deol is earnest, but not really convincing as an Assi dweller. The other actors are underutilised (Shukla), or made to declaim loudly, not speak to each other. ...Read full review

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