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My Birthday Song

My Birthday Song

19 Jan, 2018
1 hrs 36 mins
315 votes
5 138
4 38
3 36
2 17
1 66
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Rajiv Kaul, a successful ad-filmmaker, is celebrating his 40th birthday. Everything is as always: friends, food, wine, music. The only thing different is the absence of his wife and kids and the presence of a beautiful stranger, Sandy. Who is she? Why does she stare at him? Do they know each other from before? A dangerous liaison ensues and throws Rajiv's life upside down. Nothing is what it seems and there is no one who Rajiv can trust. Neither his wife nor his best friend, but most dangerously, not even himself.

Can Rajiv undo the past and save himself from the impending doom?

A series of twisted events blurs the fine line between past, present and future. Between what's real and what may not be.
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Verdict: A brilliant attempt at a psychological thriller that will keep you hooked. Samir Soni has ventured into direction and his first directorial My Birthday Song is going to impress you as much as his acting skills. Starring Sanjay Suri and Nora Fatehi, this film will mess with your mind while you watch it and []... ...Read full review
If you get spooky dreams or like psychological thrillers, then writer-director Samir Soni and producer-actor Sanjay Suri`s My Birthday Song may chillingly connect with you. Not many films these days - labelled though they may be `psychological thrillers` - give you those edge-of-the-seat thrills. So, the Soni-Suri combination`s My Birthday Song comes across as an honest effort and a huge relief for movie enthusiasts. ...Read full review
What would you do if you have one of the worst imaginable nightmares and wake up to find that you are living it bit by bit? That is the basic premise of Samir Sonis My Birthday Song and it is hard to find fault with it. As far as concepts go, this is a fairly intriguing one. ...Read full review
The film opens to a person going through a psychological evaluation. The brooding lead, Rajiv Kaul (Sanjay Suri), an ad agency boss, reveals that he hasn`t slept in a year. The camera closes in on his eyes and for some reason, his beard to confirm. But this excessively-used technique of infusing intensity into a scene by zooming into people and objects takes an off turn when in another scene, it magnifies a shrub-like growth in someone`s ears. ...Read full review
Rajeev Kaul (Sanjay Suri) is a married ad agency director with a roving eye. On his birthday party, he meets a mysterious woman (Norah Fatehi) and they hook up after all the guests leave. However, she accidentally dies in the middle of their makeout session. Shocked at what had happened and having no clue of what could be done, he drinks and passes out. ...Read full review
Rajeev Kaul (Sanjay Suri), a married ad agency director with a roving eye meets a mysterious lady named Sandy (Nora Fatehi) at his birthday party. "Do you cheat?", she whispers to Rajeev. Pat comes the answer, "Depends on whether it`s worth cheating for." ...Read full review
What if you are stuck in a dream, which is stuck in a wiggly timeline, which goes back and forth? Great idea, which has been explored in a bunch of Hollywood movies with varying degrees of success. What successful ad man Rajeev (Suri) is troubled by are no sweet dreams, though. They are nightmares, featuring violent death. ...Read full review
Most people worry about the end of their youth. What may be just another birth anniversary in the eyes of some, could turn into a nightmare for those who view the start of a new decade in particular with dread. In Rajiv Kauls case, you can take that literally. A tragic death murder or accident? mars his 40th birthday, but he wakes up the next morning to find that all seems to be well and that the bloody episode of the previous night appears not to have happened at all. ...Read full review
You might think of the film My Birthday Song as every unfaithful husbands worst nightmare. Its an intriguing tale of temptation and the price one might pay for succumbing to it. So its as much a cautionary tale as it is a thriller that messes with your head. ...Read full review
For a man celebrating his 40th birthday, Rajiv Kaul (Sanjay Suri) has all a person would want in life at that age. He has a beautiful wife Ritu (Zenia Starr), two sweet kids and his business is booming as well. As his birthday party is in full swing, an attractive woman named Sandy (Norah Fatehi) catches his fancy and there is a visible chemistry between the two. ...Read full review