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16 Feb, 2018
1 hrs 41 mins
10,405 votes
5 4227
4 3282
3 1788
2 512
1 578
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The story of Naachiyaar is based on the life of a police officer, Naachiyaar IPS (played by Jyothika), and the bold mission that she undertakes to uncover the truth about Kaathavarayan (played by G.V. Prakash Kumar), a young man who is accused of assaulting his girlfriend.
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Verdict: Jyothika's sass quotient is off the roof and she will be your new favorite. The Tamil film industry has taken a turn for the better with more unfiltered storytelling, and we couldn't be more proud. As women, we'd like to believe that we are safe in our society and the system will not fail us []... ...Read full review
Is Bala turning soft? Thats the first question that pops up when Naachiyaar ends. The film has some of the elements that are a constant in a Bala film characters from an underprivileged background, the ribbing of religion and caste, violence that makes us squirm, throwaway bits of humour that only Bala can come up with... But, surprisingly (and even thankfully), doesnt have is the cynicism that we have seen in his films so far. ...Read full review
It is impossible to walk out of a Bala movie with apathy for its characters. Despite the flaws and the macabre, he gives us people whom we feel for. Balas film universes are crafted with dark blades that give us a peek into worlds that sometimes are too real to handle. This is one of the reasons why several people shun the award-winning directors films they dont want to feel disturbed when they walk out of a movie. ...Read full review
When you walk out of a Bala film, the words that usually come to mind or at least most use to describe his films are - hard-hitting, tragic, hopeless and dark. In case of his latest outing Naachiyaar, he treads a path thats a welcome departure from his world and thats a reason by itself that warrants a visit to the theatre, especially after a cringe-fest called Tharai Thappattai. ...Read full review
Bala doesn`t waste any time, as the theme of the film is established in the first couple of scenes itself. The characters are introduced, and their purposes are conveyed immediately. The film starts off on a comical note, with quite a few comedy scenes that don`t drift away from the main plot. From there, the story flows into the romantic portions involving GV and Ivana. With an important twist right at the intermission point, the film shapes into an exciting investigative thriller. ...Read full review
Naachiyaar (Jyothika) is a tough as nails ACP who uses third degree methods to get confessions from criminals and also uses cuss words (muted by the censors). One of her superiors says that she is rowdy police. At the same time she is soft from the inside, a family woman who cannot tolerate injustice and has an understanding husband, who is a gynaecologist, and a loving family. ...Read full review
The story of Naachiyaar revolves around a strict, tough and intelligent police officer namer Naachiyaar. She is assigned with a special case, which has some connections with Kaathavarayan, a youngster hailing from a slum. ...Read full review
Naachiyaar is short. Naachiyaar is fast. Naachiyaar is set entirely in Chennai. And I`ll say this anyway, even if at the cost of ruining a Bala film: nobody dies a gory death at the end. Naachiyaar is also Jyotika`s name, but we`ll get to her a little later. ...Read full review
The reality of life is bad and, at times, brutal, but that doesn`t necessarily stop you from being good. That`s an idea you can salvage from Bala`s new film Naachiyaar, which finds itself a new space in the director`s stable. ...Read full review