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Namaste England

Namaste England

18 Oct, 2018
2 hrs 15 mins
9,796 votes
5 2552
4 1104
3 1358
2 964
1 3806
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Namaste England is a young and refreshing story of Jasmeet and Param, whose love story traces along different places from Punjab to Dhaka to Paris to Brussels to finally London.
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Verdict: Find out how far a person can go - for passion and for love. In 2007, Namastey London gave us a fresh look at an internationally Indian love story. Now, the Ishaqzaade jodi - Arjun Kapoor and Parineeti Chopra - brings us a new take on this refreshing romance in Vipul Amrutlal Shahs Namaste England. Whats Namaste England About: Both from the same pind in Punjab, Param (Arjun Kapoor) ... ...Read full review
The loose direction, tepid interaction between the leads, an immature premise, dull locations, and Jasmeet and Params illogical actions are exasperating. Namaste England is so dated in its ideas, storytelling and design that it even makes a stimulating city like London look rusty. ...Read full review
In a desperate attempt to draw empathy for the sorry lives of illegal immigrants, this one features those cooped up in dimly-lit rooms who get to see their children only through video calls. When Param learns that an acquaintancealso an illegal immigrantis a toilet cleaner at the airport, he voices his concerns, Agreed no job is big or small, but why this? When youre uneducated and illegal in the country, you have to do what you get. Perhaps, this film is an attempt to discourage those who illegally migrate to first-world countries to take up menial jobs? ...Read full review
An insufferably infantile drama about a married couple separated in the silliest of ways owing to the woman`s desire to settle in London and get started there as a jewellery designer, Namaste England, produced and directed by Vipul Amrutlal Shah, steers clear of any semblance of logic. No scene, line or moment in the film makes any sense at all. It scrapes the bottom of the barrel from the very outset. But if you think that it can`t get sink any lower than that, you`d only be underestimating the film`s penchant for unalloyed bilge. ...Read full review
With a wafer-thin plot, a week screenplay and nothing that will hook you to the film, Namaste England is a dramatic love story that falls short on both the right kind of love and a story - and leaves you feeling that the film is way behind time. ...Read full review
The music, lead by tracks like `Bhare Bazaar`, `Tu Meri` and `Proper Patola`, is far more entertaining than the film. `Namaste England` has a lot of promise, but the film just isnt able to shake off the ill-effects of clichd storytelling. This ones a classic case of love`s labour lost. ...Read full review
Is Namaste England a sequel to Namastey London? Definitely not. Is it similar to the 2007 film in any way? Titbits. The basics, like a Punjabi boy going all the way to London (even if illegally) just to win his love back or giving a monologue on how great his homeland is, are a pale reminder of the decade-old hit Namastey London starring Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif. But is it as entertaining as Namastey London? Not at all. ...Read full review