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13 Apr, 2018
1 hrs 56 mins
64,744 votes
5 24182
4 14657
3 9969
2 5011
1 10903
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October is an intriguing tale of Dan who shares an unusual connection with Shuili. However, a tragedy befalls Dan and changes his perception towards love, life, and relationship.
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Verdict: Varun Dhawan`s endearing act will make you fall in love with him. One of the most bankable actors in Bollywood today, Varun Dhawan surprised everyone in the trailer of October. A departure from his typical Bollywood masala films, October stars Varun Dhawan as a hotel management intern with a reckless and cynical attitude till time gets []... ...Read full review
October, a month in autumn, is more than just a symbol in Shoojit Sircars new film. It covers a lifetime. It brings haunting images, evokes tears, makes you anxious and then leaves you blank. Youre numb while waiting to return to reality. Youre battling with emotions and an entirely different story is playing in your subconscious. You know what you have just seen is more than just a film - its your story. ...Read full review
Shoojit Sircars October says a lot, without saying too much. Yes, it is a film about love, seen from Dans pure and simple world-view and Shuilis silent, stoic stares. Its not a story crafted with heavy doses of dialogues, romantic ballads or bombastic tropes common to the genre. The beauty lies in the simplicity of it all. ...Read full review
Shorn of all semblance of conventional melodrama, informed with an unhurried narrative rhythm and shored up by measured pivotal performances, Shoojit Sircar`s October tells the story of an ineffable love that hangs by a tenuous thread between a young life on its last legs and an endearing drifter`s fond faith in miracles. ...Read full review
Danesh Walia (Varun) is a bratty but lovable intern at a five-star hotel in Delhi. Shiuli Iyer (Banita) is his colleague. A life-altering incident changes the way they look at each other. And, also how Dan begins to view life. ...Read full review
Most Hindi films are romances. And ninety per cent of such films are musicals. That means pretty looking boys and girls crooning undying love towards each other. We give in to such escapist fare because they offer a relief to our mundane lives. But once in a while comes a film which introduces us to the real madness of love. A love that crosses all boundaries of reason. That exists beyond the bounds of life and death. October is one such film. It offers us, among other things, genuine catharsis, that`s so rare in our current cinema. It reaffirms our faith in the fact that there is life beyond hook-ups. That real feelings exist even in the times of Tinder. ...Read full review
Okay a quick warning for those who often complain about films being `too slow` (and these aren`t necessarily excited consumers of Varun Dhawan`s Judwaa 2 alone): You must slow down on your way to the theatre, right away. Not saying there is danger ahead. But you`re looking at a film that isn`t simply programmed around a plot, as it progresses from point A to B or Z. ...Read full review
Running a little over than strictly required, October is in every way Shoojit Sircar`s best film and in many ways Varun Dhawan`s first film. Watch it with the same patience as advised by Varun to every cynical character in the film. He was, after all, talking to you. ...Read full review
If you while away your time reading poetries, thinking about soulmates, finding the meaning of your existence in sunsets, comparing life to flowers, and questioning your place in the universe October will certainly be worth your while. ...Read full review
`A story about love`, these four words perfectly describe Shoojit Sircar`s October. A word of caution here for those looking out for some formulaic Bollywood romance, this film is miles away from that zone. You don`t have lovers singing romantic ballads or mouthing lovey-dovey lines to impress each other. Instead, what you get to witness is love in its purest form through Dan (Varun Dhawan)`s simple approach towards life and Shiuli (Banita Sandhu)`s long stoic stares. It slowly pulls you in its world of empathy and hope. ...Read full review
October, directed by Shoojit Sircar, is a thoughtful, meditative film about love, grief, mortality, and the making of a man. When a freak accident puts a young girl in hospital, the incident has a life-altering impact on her co-worker. Varun Dhawan plays Danish aka Dan, an immature twenty-something-year-old who works as a trainee at a Delhi five-star hotel along with several others, including Shiuli (newcomer Banita Sandhu) whom he knows as any other colleague. But her fatal condition following a mishap affects him much more than it does the others, and he singularly commits himself to her recovery. ...Read full review