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One Night Stand
A one night stand gone wrong.

One Night Stand

06 May, 2016
1 hrs 37 mins
1,602 votes
5 436
4 135
3 289
2 246
1 486
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This film is about a `one night stand` and focuses on how that one night changes the lives of the participants. Tanuj Virwani plays the role of a man who gets obsessed with the character played by Sunny Leone.
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Verdict: A Sunny Leone show that leaves us unimpressed! Sunny Leone`s One Night Stand starts off as a typical movie. Boy meets girl, they are attracted to each other and the secrets start to unravel. But with One Night Stand, director Jasmine Moses D`souza tries to give us a story that shows us the two-faced []... ...Read full review
A chance meeting between a mysterious woman and a champion event organiser leads to a crazy night spent mostly in a bathtub and partly on a couch. They are content, thinking their paths will never cross again. But they do, and the audience is also given a skewed feminism debate, delivered Sunny Leone-style. ...Read full review
The first thing that will come to your mind while watching this movie: `Is Bollywood finally growing up?` To her credit, Jasmine Moses D`souza has dared to think out of the box. She is confident enough to show her hero as a philandering man, her heroine as a woman who pleasures herself in a dalliance and dares to leave it just at that. It is novel to see one night stands as something besides being prequels to stormy love affairs. Also, finally there is a filmmaker who can break the stereotype and portray Sunny Leone as a perfect mother, a supportive wife and a doting daughter-in-law. However, Jasmine and her writer Bhavani Iyer, manage to whip up only a half-baked, predictable plot ridden with cliches. ...Read full review
A hot-shot event manager has a one night stand with a beautiful stranger. No spoilers there, because the plot point is inherent in the films title: cant get more explicatory than that, can it? ...Read full review
One Night Stand starring Tanuj Virwani and Sunny Leone is basically Fatal Attraction with a ki & ka spin. So after a no-strings-attached roll in the hay, a pair of perfect strangers return to their respective lives, until the man becomes obsessed and goes all Glenn Close on the poor woman. ...Read full review