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02 Mar, 2018
2 hrs 17 mins
68,690 votes
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Arnab a typical Bengali man is making his way back to Kolkata after meeting a girl, the arranged marriage way. He and his parents liked the girl and marriage is on the cards. But suddenly, there is an accident. His car hits an old woman. They take her to the hospital. But she dies on the way.

This is how Arnab meets Rukhsana. The daughter of the old woman is a mysterious girl who lives in a hut outside a village with a few dogs and whose mother always shackled her to a pole with metal chains before she left house.

The news of her mother's death spreads. A Professor from Bangladesh immediately flies to India and is now out to get Rukhsana. He gathers a mob and attacks Rukhsana with the motive to kill her.

But she escapes and makes her way to Arnab's house. She barely knows the place, and the apartment is locked from inside, yet when Arnab awakes that night, he finds her in his room, trembling with fear. She refuses to leave him.

Arnab has no option but to keep her. Slowly, he starts enjoying her company. She is strange and mysterious. She doesn't have any idea about modern day living. She has never used a TV, a phone or a refrigerator ever. She is very careful about her nails and cuts her nails daily and when she can't find the nail cutter, she gets paranoid and tries to cut them with the kitchen knife. Fear permeates her very being. A scary face haunts her dreams. A face that whispers her name...

Slowly, the friendship turns into love. Though Arnab tries to resist himself, he feels an unflinching attraction towards Ruksana's beauty and innocence. One night all barriers break apart: they make love so passionately that world seems to come to a halt.

Then, the events take a twist when the Professor, who was meanwhile incessantly searching for Rukhsana, finds her at Arnab's place. He meets Arnab and tells him that Rukhsana is the daughter of the devil himself. She has venom inside her. Venom that needs to be taken out every three weeks. Venom that consumes animals, birds and sometimes people. The love story then moves towards a horrifying end...
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Verdict: It'll leave you with nightmares for days. Book for Pari here! Bollywood`s A-listers are now experimenting with multiple genres in cinema, unlike the previously cliched romantic drama. Now various kinds of films feature A-list actors and actresses, most of whom have made a mark on that genre. Anushka Sharma is one such actress who owned []... ...Read full review
Arnab (Parambrata Chatterjee) rescues a traumatised Ruksana (Anushka Sharma) found under mysterious circumstances in a secluded jungle. With nowhere to go and her life being in danger, he offers her refuge at his home until he discovers a different side to her. Who is this woman and what is her story? ...Read full review
Prosit Roy`s Pari is Ek Thi Daayan in reverse. For a film with a cunningly baroque and riveting first half, Kannan Iyer`s Ek Thi Daayan had one of the lamest conclusions ever thought up for a movie. Pari, on the other hand, starts off like a nervous, freshly minted calf, and then puts the squeeze on the audience as the story speeds up. It`s when its narrative moves into a psychedelic underworld that Pari shocks you with the directions it takes. ...Read full review
Director Prosit Roys supernatural thriller stars Anushka Sharma as a mysterious creature of preternatural origins and curious intentions. Her worldly name is Rukhsana, but she appears to be not of this world. Why did her mother (played by Preeti Sharma) keep her tied up in a hole in the woods and in a filthy condition no beast deserves? ...Read full review
Far away from ugly ghosts, black magic and many such tried and tested formulas of horror in our Indian films, Pari is not only a great horror film with an intelligent plot but also is technically very strong. Director Prosit Roy, who marks his Bollywood directorial debut with this spine-chilling film, shines bright with a `paisa vasool` entertainer! ...Read full review
As Anushka has already warned in the poster of the film- Not a fairy-tale, forget about watching the film if you find yourself covering your face with your hands every time something eerie pops up. The film is nothing short of moments when youll be scared to death even to look besides yourself to check whos sitting. Yes of course, youre going to have this picture of blood-bathed Pari saying I Love You in the most grotesque manner. ...Read full review
Prosit Roys Pari breaks the stigma associated with our horror films with great finesse. Set in Calcutta the film revolves around a Desi folklore that involves demonic possession of a woman to take ahead the lineage of the devil. Ruksana (Anushka Sharma) plays the role of Pari, a victim of a supernatural form of abuse who crosses paths with Arnab (Parambrata Chatterjee) after a freak accident. ...Read full review
Debutant director Prosit Roy, who has also written the film along with Abhishek Bannerjee, shows promise in his handling of the genre. Unlike most Bollywood horror films that also resort to a dose of erotica, Pari stays true to its genre with the supernatural, demon, evil spirits, an old cult, women in chains, blood and gore. ...Read full review
Pari opens with Aurnab (Parambrata Chatterjee) subjecting himself to an arrangement set-up. Unfortunately on their way back, their car, driven by his father, hits an old woman and instantly kills her. On conducting further investigations, the cops reach the deceased woman`s house in the forest where they discover Ruksana (Anushka Sharma) chained and battered. Feeling pity on her sorry state, Aurnab decides to offer refuge to her. But beware, this isn`t a fairy tale! Will Arnab realise this before it`s too late? ...Read full review
Pari, co-produced by and starring Anushka Sharma, is a competently made film thats rich in atmospherics. Set in Kolkata during the monsoon its bathed in blue-green hues, and uses sound design shrewdly, both to deliver jump-scares and to ratchet up a strong sense of foreboding. First-time director Prosit Roy does a good job with the look and feel of the film, for the most part opting for starkness to establish a mood of cold dread. ...Read full review
Pari is an odd film. Its horror, romance, emotional drama and even a female bonding saga all rolled into one. There are jinns, a devil-worshipping cult, women in chains, references to events in Bangladesh and several murdered animals. ...Read full review
The title insists on warning you that it is not a fairy tale while announcing that it is a horror film at the same time. Pari, soon after its opening, goes on a namedropping (or phrase dropping) spree: "Bangladesh Tribune", "Qayamat Andolan", "ifrit", "heads of children recovered". It doesn`t give explanations, but we soon realise that there is more going on in Pari than it wishes to let on, initially. ...Read full review