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15 Mar, 2018
2 hrs 32 mins
8,798 votes
5 4004
4 1785
3 1272
2 571
1 1150
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As the Mahatma Gandhi University Youth Festival begins, the two rival colleges are leaving no stone unturned to win the trophy. During the course of the fest, in an unexpected turn of events, few things go awry, which puts the reputation of the fest in jeopardy. How will the organizers deal with the tricky situation?
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Verdict: The rush of youth, a simple, delightful script and beautiful music. Poomaram is a movie that was in the news almost a year before it actually made it to the silver screen. One, for the star kid making his comeback as the quintessential `hero`, two for its song that found its way to the average []... ...Read full review
Action Hero Biju, Abrid Shines previous film, was a beautiful album strung together with pictures from the various situations that emerge in a police station. Similarly, Poomaram is also an album, flipping through the pages of which you can take a glimpse into the multitude of moods and moments at a college youth festival. Most of the frames brim with nostalgia and the raw energy that fill up such a space of art and culture. ...Read full review
Without doubt, Poomaram heralds the spring of craft, concept and talent we have been waiting for in Malayalam cinema. The narrative and scenes, set in the backdrop of an arts festival with a vibrant young crowd vying for the best, have been crafted well with natural light and runs like a soulful poem. ...Read full review
Poomaram is set against the backdrop of the MG University Youth Festival. The focus is mainly on Maharaja`s College and St. Teresa`s College. The plot moves through the various preparations and the events that unfold during the Youth Festival days. ...Read full review
The plot of the movie is very much simple, delving into the story of colleges competing for the first position in the Mahatma Gandhi University Youth Festival. Wrapped in this, it also tries to send the message Gautama Buddha preached, which we will come to later. ...Read full review
Abrid Shine proved he could spin some realistic tales in his last venture Action Hero Biju with its undramatic yet engaging and entertaining content. He treads the same path again, only that in Poomaram, the action takes place in an art festival venue, where the youth is in full bloom. Here talents clash to win, taking with them moments of a lifetime to cherish and reflect. ...Read full review
At a time when campus movies are becoming mere exaggeration of things that happen in campus life and also a bland exploitation of political bias, Poomaram from Abrid Shine offers a breath of fresh air with clarity on what it wants to communicate. For anyone who has been a small part of arts festivals during college life, this movie has abundant moments that will make you nostalgic. Abrid Shine uses this possibility skillfully to make a statement. ...Read full review
Abrid Shines Poomaram remained in the shadows for a long time, but it was never forgotten thanks to some of the troll platforms and social media. As the wait turned into impatience, the onus was on the successful director to deliver. Abrid Shine has always stood out from the rest with his maverick films. Be it Action Hero Biju or 1983, the films relied on the positive word of mouth derived from its connection with the audience. Poomaram is no exception as Abrid Shine once again takes up an issue from the society and reflects on the subject from his perspective. ...Read full review