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Poovarasam Pee Pee
How far will you go to pursue your aspirations?

Poovarasam Pee Pee

30 May, 2014
2 hrs 35 mins
3 votes
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Touted to be a comedy-drama, Poovarasam Peepee revolves around three school-going kids. The film highlights the summer adventure of the three, who are in search of their dreams, aspiration and love.
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Movies with children in the lead roles are just a handful in Tamil cinema. The recent ones like director Pandiraj's 'Pasanga' and Vijay Milton's 'Golisoda' have been commercially successful and critically acclaimed. Joining the league is Debutante director Halitha Shameem's with 'Poovarasam Pee pee' to which she has also written the script and dialogues with a thriller premise.'Poovarasam Peepee' is a story set in a small town with right mix of adventure, humor and sentiments. Venu Kanna (Gauravm Kalai), Harish aka Antenna (Sai Hari) and Kapil Dev (Vasanth) are three best friends who start spending their summer vacation together. While playing on the riverside on a rainy day they notice a rape and murder of a washerwoman. While all others in the town believe that the victim was drowned by flood, the trio, start their investigation to nab the culprits. Intelligent Venu, tech savvy Harish and street smart Kapil Dev collect evidences using their respective capabilities and zero in the group of culprits which includes their Chemistry teacher R.S.Shanmugam (Sri Hari). During their investigation they also find that the the four member group indulge in a few other nefarious activities like sand quarrying, gambling and cheating innocent people to mint money. The rest of the story forms how the young chaps without even revealing their identity for the fear of getting caught, expose the wicked group to the people and put them behind the bars. The film starts with a song where school children lament about school life and get ready to celebrate the holidays which is typical to movies based on child life. But what follows is not something we usually get to watch in Tamil films. Conceiving an investigative thriller with children leading the plot is something unique and Halitha has portrayed the investigation part without any logical lapses. Not only the thriller aspect but also the lighter sequences of the film like the games played by rural children, their penchant for experimentation and many others are new to the Tamil silver screen. The ex military officer who appears as friend cum mentor of Harish character and the Kapil Dev character being poor in education have contributed well to the sentiment part. The local FM idea used by the kids to nab the culprits and efforts to present it convincingly deserve plaudits. The film offers a lot to tickle your funny bones right from the scene where Kapil Dev character pleads guilty in front of the prayer hall. The funny reference to Kalaignar Karunanidhi and television personalities Solomon Pappayya and Gopinath raises loud guffaw at the movie hall. This particular scene also takes us to our school days when many of us wrote unwanted and irrelevant stories in our answer sheets during exams. The scene that depicts the Valentine's Day check in schools and the gossipmonger character who is appointed to nab the school children who share gifts on that day are nothing short of hilarious. One of the big drawbacks of the film is that the activities and dialogues spoken by the lead characters especially those of Harish and Venu characters do not reflect their age in most part. One best example for this can be the dialogue uttered by Venu when a senior guy suggests that the video evidence they have about the rape shall be telecast in the local cable channel. Also the puppy romance episodes are redundant and a bit far from reality. The Kapil Dev character giving the description for rape in such detailing may not go well with family audience even if it is used only to convey the effect of the rape scene in the minds of the children. All the child artistes including the lead characters have played their role to T while Vasanth as Kapil Dev deserves special mention (this chap has already captivated us with his performance in 'Aaranya Kandam' while the other two are new comers). Rerecording by Aruldev increases the tension during the investigative scenes and serves the requirement in other scenes also. Songs are passable and they are aptly placed in the script without hampering the pace of the narration. Manoj Paramahamsa (who is also one of the Producers of the flick) with his lens, has aptly captured the natural colour of small town Halitha Shameem has lived up to her words in presenting a neat summer adventure treat that can be enjoyed with family. ...Read full review