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Raju Kannada Medium

Raju Kannada Medium

19 Jan, 2018
2 hrs 39 mins
11,479 votes
5 5728
4 2749
3 1450
2 501
1 1033
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The movie is the story of a village boy who is constantly trying to understand what life is. He is highly ambitious and goes out of his village to achieve his dreams. In every stage of his life, he encounters different challenges and struggles, which make his path very difficult. Will he be able to deal with his struggles and achieve what he wants in life?
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Verdict: Gurunandan and Naresh Kumar's collaborative work seems like a match made in heaven. After the success of 1st Rank Raju, the lead actor Gurunandan and the director Naresh Kumar collaborate to give us Raju Kannada Medium, a story about a village boy who decides to make something of himself and comes to Bangalore in []... ...Read full review
The film begins with Raju Srivatsa alias Raju (Gurunandan), trying to commit suicide. After a few minutes, the director narrates (in a flash back) how naughty was Raju in his childhood and how he fell in love with Vidya (Ashika Ranganath) and how his girl friend has to leave him and also the circumstances that compelled him to come to Bengaluru for livelihood from Malenadu. ...Read full review
Another clever handling by first rank raju director Naresh kumar and producer suresh is sure to win laurels from this raju kannada medium. Explaining delicacies of life, director Naresh kumar has never made it to look like a preaching. What is important in life has come in different stages of protagonist. For different stages the best part is good location and precise actors have immensely helped in making convincing film. ...Read full review
Raju is the average young small town boy who has dreams of doing something big in life. Through each phase in his life he learns valuable lessons. But will those little tidbits help him understand the larger purpose of life? ...Read full review
The movie is about a rural boy who is always in quest of understanding the purport of life. The determined young lad sets himself out of his village in pursuit of his dreams. But he is constantly thrown with tumbling situations and is seen encountering obstacles in every stage which makes it a tedious path for him. Will he be able to fight it out and come over it? Will he be able to achieve what he dreamt of? ...Read full review
Raju Kannada Medium is one of the best entertainers you have seen on Kannada screen in the last few years. The film breaks fresh ground in some of the scenes like that of the shark attacks and the aeroplane scenes. It matches what you see in many international films. Such groundbreaking scenes will do a wealth of good for Kannada films. ...Read full review
For a change, a rural Kannadiga migrant who has come to Bengaluru does not end up becoming a rowdy. Our Raju has the usual ambitions and faces the usual problems. But he is also an entertainer. Lifes changing goals and priorities gets a Raju-Naresh treatment. The director-actor duo get together after their successful PJ saga First Rank Raju. ...Read full review
After scoring excellent marks with his previous venture First Rank Raju, focusing on the effects of our educational system on the young minds, the popular character of Raju returns with a philosophical question on life. ...Read full review
A film about an innocent village boy, Raju Kannada Medium sends an apt message of survival of the fittest. With Sudeep lending an impressive presence with his insightful dialogues, the film, though it loses its sheen in the second half, is worth a watch. Raju Kannada Medium questions the meaning of happiness and peace. ...Read full review