The various complexities in today`s day and age.


03 Nov, 2017
1 hrs 46 mins
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Karan and Sahana have been happily married for two years, but when Sahana becomes pregnant, they find themselves making tough choices that will determine the future of their careers and their relationship. Ribbon is the journey of a young couple living the great Indian urban dream who discover that it takes a lot more than love and commitment to stick together through many challenges.
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Verdict: A relatable take on modern-day marriages. The directorial debut of Rakhee Sandilya, Ribbon, highlights the struggles of a modern-day marriage. Starring Kalki Koechlin and Sumeet Vyas, best known as Mickey a.k.a. Mikesh from the popular web-series, Permanent Roommates, the story is extremely relatable to any career-oriented couple living in a metro city. While this... ...Read full review
In a scene, we find a couple picking up a fast food takeaway and driving on with their toddler strapped in the back seat. The woman receives a call and learns that she has been sacked. ...Read full review
Scenes from a marriage. The difficulties of balancing personal and professional life in maximum city. The portrait of parents toiling for a better life. A study of India`s growing middle class and nuclear families. ...Read full review
Just like its title, Rakhee Sandilya`s Ribbon ties a bundle of daily life issues in a partly impressive slice-of-life format. Some instances hit you hard, others feel like they`re following a textbook format, but still manage to keep you at it or rather with it. ...Read full review
In this era of glossy urban relationship dramas and multiplex-age romances, Ribbon is a strange film. It plays out like a montage of scenes from a young city marriage each of them representing a particular phase lodged between the romanticized and more heightened moments usually depicted in mainstream movies. ...Read full review
In an urban setting, with a young and independent couple at its centre, the baby naturally becomes the subject of conflict Sahana was just a whisk away from her dream promotion and Karan was engrossed in his professional endeavours. ...Read full review
It is refreshing to see a Hindi film that showcases a couple, not just after marriage, but once they become parents. Kalki Koechlin-Sumeet Vyas-starrer Ribbon is realistic to the core, highlights some important issues in our society, and yet, refrains from being preachy. ...Read full review
When a double-income-no-kids couple welcomes a baby, what happens? It can be a fraught time for new parents, struggling with the never-ending demands of the infant, and the consequent impact on careers, and other things that used to effortlessly be a priority. ...Read full review
In modern times, a double income-earning couple is not uncommon. But when the wife gets pregnant, it is often she who must make the maximum sacrifices and commit herself to child rearing. ...Read full review
As every other urban couple living in Mumbai Ribbon has its lead pair Karan Mehra (Sumeet Vyas) and Sahana Mehra (Kalki Koechlin). As every other pair, Karan & Sahana are in no hurry to have baby but as every other pair the girl undesirably gets pregnant. ...Read full review
Debutante Rakhee Sandilya`s slice-of-life marital drama Ribbon is, at first blush, an undeniably commendable effort. Its subdued tone and languid pace allow it to probe aspects of domesticity that rarely find space in Bollywood films, even in off-mainstream ones. ...Read full review
Most films in Bollywood are love stories that work through the struggle to get married and live happily ever after. ...Read full review
When Sahana (Kalki Koechlin) breaks the news of her pregnancy to Karan (Sumeet Vyas), bickering atop a construction site, you are tempted to imagine their early years. How had the two met? At a party, perhaps the hotshot marketeer passing out beside the sheepish engineer, smitten by his boyish looks. ...Read full review

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