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A thief, a story, a confession.


13 Feb, 2015
2 hrs 27 mins
3,911 votes
5 601
4 86
3 129
2 184
1 2901
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Arjun Rampal plays a film director and Ranbir Kapoor plays a conman who is acting in Arjun`s film. Jacqueline Fernandez plays a double role of Ayesha/Tia. One is a movie director and the other is an art director.
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At the end of the film, Arjun Rampal says, ``Mujhe nahi pata ki yeh film kaise ban gayi.`` And there, in the theatre, as you munch away at your over-priced popcorn, you feel the exact same thing. Wow! So Roy finally released. Let`s all calm down now. Our desire of seeing Ranbir Kapoor and Arjun ... ...Read full review
Story of Roy revolves around a mysterious thief Roy and two film makers Kabir and Ayesha. How these three characters lifes merge together in one dramatic, romantic and suspenseful thriller is what is in the story. ...Read full review
A film lavished with dollops of visual style and aural sophistication, Roy would have been a runaway cinematic delight if only its makers had coupled its impressive surface gloss with a modicum of substance. Let alone a meaningful core to weave its inanities around, Vikramjit Singh`s directorial debut does not even have a coherent story that could make the two-and-a-half hour movie passably tolerable. Roy is a painful trudge through acres of pretentious hollowness. Neither the two dapper leading actors nor an eager-to-please heroine in a double role can rescue the film from its inexorable downhill trundle. ...Read full review
Roy is so tangled in its inflated, erratic ideas of a pseudo mystery that it ceases to make sense even before it takes off, says Sukanya Verma. ...Read full review
Ive just finished watching a film about, um, what exactly was it about? And thats not the only question I have about Roy, which remains a mystery wrapped in an enigma till the end, for all the wrong reasons. A snail would be faster than the pace at which we are introduced to the characters. Namely, one number masked thief (Ranbir Kapoor in an extended cameo), who has a thing for expensive art. A filmmaker (Arjun Rampal) with a roving eye and a bad case of block-itis, who bashes away at his typewriter : no, hes not so poor he cant afford a laptop there are many apple-shaped gadgets strewn about in the movie its just, you know, so retro-cool to bash away at actual keys. Another filmmaker (Jacqueline Fernandez) who possesses the most eye-catching set of rings, and who is to be seen reading deeply when not frolicking on the beach. ...Read full review