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Love is a debt that can be redeemed only with love.


15 May, 2015
2 hrs 04 mins
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Based on a true story, Runh is a nerve-wrecking saga of a young boy, Sanjay hailing from a rural village, who dreams to conquer the world with his academic brilliance for his mother. Having bagged a scholarship for his higher studies in the city of Pune, it is a heart-wrenching moment when he leaves his mother in the quest of his dreams.

His excitement is short lived, when he come in terms with reality at the college where he is forced to engage with students dipped in money and luxuries. He finds himself an odd man out as he sees the pretentious rich students displaying their pompousness and Vanity Fair. Having set himself for an aim, he finds it difficult to turn back. He is surprised to discover that the scholarship he had garnered for himself did not cover his accommodation and study material. To keep going, he takes refuge with Chander, a eunuch who offers him to stay with him in nearby slum. Having found a new lease of life, Sanjay sets aside all adversities and tries to focus on his studies.

Nevertheless, life is not a roller coaster ride, as Sanjay fights odds with his meager finances. Until Rani, a firebrand girl comes to his rescue. Beautiful Rani has all the wealth in the world but because of her existence not being accepted by society, Rani lives in the slums. Soon enough, through a spate of events seeing Sanjay fighting his way to survive, Rani develops certain sympathy for him. Finding him feeding on measly food, she cooks food for him and helps him with money, clothing and every possible way. At first he is reluctant. What comes as a shocking revelation to Sanjay is that Rani is also a eunuch. But they strike a chord and start enjoying each other's company. A certain vacuum that existed in their lives seemed to have gone for a toss.
Kajal the head eunuch warns Rani of her overtures, but she ignores. She continues to spend all her money and care on Sanjay. Sanjay is embarrassed but he submits so that Rani doesn't feel bad. Sanjay also feels good sailing in the new found plain of abundance. On the other side, Kajal feels very worried for Rani and picks up an argument with asking where this relationship would culminate. Sanjay would never be able to accept her as she was an outsider. Rani feels at the zenith of insecurity and in a rush of blood she barges in to Sanjay's house and asks for her pound of flesh.

Sanjay is zapped. Fragile is the moment, the social spheres haunt him and he feels disgraced and humiliated within. Sanjay goes missing. Rani is stunned to find Sanjay missing, Rani Searches Sanjay everywhere in vain but he is gone.

''Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get. Only with what you are expecting to give - This is everything''

Would Rani be able to find Sanjay? Would Sanjay be able to have the courage to accept a eunuch? Would the society in large accept such an aberration? Worries of Kajal, tears of a mother, passion of a journalist, helplessness of a cop and the silence of a doctor contribute to explore these questions in this nerve-wrecking film based on a true story.
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