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An impossible love story.


29 Apr, 2016
2 hrs 51 mins
44,890 votes
5 35004
4 6571
3 1913
2 493
1 901
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Prashant Kale (Parshya) is the cricket team captain and the brightest student in his year but the beautiful and confident Aarchi is out of his reach. She belongs to a higher caste, her family is rich and her father is a kingpin in local politics. But Aarchi is a headstrong girl who wont let anyone boss her around and she likes the persistent, brave Parshya. How will their families react? What happens to love when when two people have to sacrifice everything for it? Directed by Nagraj Manjule and beyond the glamour of Bollywood, the movie is an epic love story that takes a critical look at Indian society in the 21st century.
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Verdict: Another Nagraj Manjule film that will not disappoint you. Movies based on love stories are not new to Marathi cinema-goers. Almost every director has played with this concept and tried to explore a new angle through their movies. The National Award-winning director, Nagraj Manjule, who gave us hits such as Pistulya and Fandry, has []... ...Read full review
Sairat is a love story, as advertised. We know the format. Aarchi (Rajguru), a rich upper class girl falls for her classmate Parshya (Thosar), a poor but smart boy from the lower social strata. The magic happens, and they start seeing each other. Secretly at first, but they get bolder with passing time. The problem is that Aarchi is not just from the upper class, her father (Vishwakarma) is a powerful politician, and her brother Prince (Pawar) is following in on his footsteps. The entire affair is a recipe for trouble, and as expected, trouble arrives. With the help of Parshya`s friends, Baalya (Galgunde) and Salya (Shaikh), they decide to make a run for it, but fate has other plans. ...Read full review
Nagraj Manjules Fandry, that released a few years back,made ripples in the cinema world. There has seldom been such unabashed critique of the caste system of the country. The film certainlyshook up the Indian public. It also made people sit up and take notice of a new voice in the form of Nagraj Manjules directorial capabilities that had emerged in Marathi cinema. This new voice not only had something unsettling and relevant to say, but also knew how to say it to make the maximum impact. Manjules latest film Sairat that has been solidly backed by Zee, also lays bare the monster that is the hierarchical caste system, but is different in its approach than his debut feature film. Fandry had an arthouse aesthetic, but Sairat is certainly more mainstream, but with no less impact. ...Read full review
Nagraj Manjule has crafted a superb film that touches upon several issues without laying it on too thick on any of them. Central to the plot is a love story of Parshya and Archie. It is a story of this dream becoming a reality and then a nightmare. Archana (Rinku Rajguru) is the daughter of an influential local Maratha politician, while Prashant (Akash Toshar) is from a fishermans family from the Pardhi community. Their love is forbidden, but the teenagers embody sairat or ardour they are untamed, wild, and passionate. But the truth lies if even they are finally together, is this what they really wanted? ...Read full review